Yarn Along/Works-in-Progress Wednesday

This is a fairly boring update to my latest knitting WIP-I’m still working on the 71 rows of stockinette stitch that make up the front trouser.  Hoping I cross the threshold into the front bib soon.  I think I’m currently knitting around row 55.I finally found a block of time to give Harmon dairy again yesterday as per my pediatrician’s instructions (two+ weeks ago he ate ten bites of yogurt as a test & got hives).  No difference this time-he still got hives & as a bonus this go-around he also became incredibly itchy within 10 minutes & scratched himself bloody in several places on his torso through the onesie plus his eczema patches flared all over.  Nap time was tough as a result.  I spent most of it alternating between knitting while watching him & soothing/nursing him back to sleep.

He managed two fitful hours of sleep & woke up much happier, hives gone.

Watched some chicken antics outside.  He can imitate a rooster crowing like no other 17 month old I know.

I haven’t mentioned on the blog that we’re currently incubating eggs (speaking of chickens).  This Sunday will be Day 21-fingers crossed for a good hatch day!

Harmon still loves playing in June’s doll camper from Land of Nod.  I call it his hobbit home (it’s for dolls!).  He spent a lot of time in there yesterday while I watched him for symptoms.

Itching again.  I finally had to snap the onesie back on & dress him in a sweatsuit to stop this (he already was covered in his eczema cream & various other anti-itch medications we use).

Joining in with Martha, & Ginny in spirit.