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We are a small family of six living on a few acres complete with chickens, one goose, two dogs, two {mouse-fat} cats, several gardens, a dirt drive, & lots of weeds. This blog is maintained by the hen of the Bodeker house and includes musings on mothering, birding & nature, knitting, skiing, homeschooling, & life in the rural Midwest.  Blog originates from the land of rolling cornfields and the ghosts of prairies-past: Welcome to Iowa.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey … I wanted to leave a comment on your most recent post, “My Miss June”. So, here it is. Oh my gosh! What a delightful post! I avoid using the word “delightful”, because in my mind it is a “guy thing”. But I couldn’t come up with a better word. The pictures are stellar! What a princess. Hey, thank you, by the way for your encouraging comments regarding my most recent post … Thank you. Peace, T


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