Yarn Along/Works-in-Progress Wednesday

This is a fairly boring update to my latest knitting WIP-I’m still working on the 71 rows of stockinette stitch that make up the front trouser.  Hoping I cross the threshold into the front bib soon.  I think I’m currently knitting around row 55.I finally found a block of time to give Harmon dairy again yesterday as per my pediatrician’s instructions (two+ weeks ago he ate ten bites of yogurt as a test & got hives).  No difference this time-he still got hives & as a bonus this go-around he also became incredibly itchy within 10 minutes & scratched himself bloody in several places on his torso through the onesie plus his eczema patches flared all over.  Nap time was tough as a result.  I spent most of it alternating between knitting while watching him & soothing/nursing him back to sleep.

He managed two fitful hours of sleep & woke up much happier, hives gone.

Watched some chicken antics outside.  He can imitate a rooster crowing like no other 17 month old I know.

I haven’t mentioned on the blog that we’re currently incubating eggs (speaking of chickens).  This Sunday will be Day 21-fingers crossed for a good hatch day!

Harmon still loves playing in June’s doll camper from Land of Nod.  I call it his hobbit home (it’s for dolls!).  He spent a lot of time in there yesterday while I watched him for symptoms.

Itching again.  I finally had to snap the onesie back on & dress him in a sweatsuit to stop this (he already was covered in his eczema cream & various other anti-itch medications we use).

Joining in with Martha, & Ginny in spirit.


7 thoughts on “Yarn Along/Works-in-Progress Wednesday

  1. Awww poor guy…… hopefully he will grow out of the dairy allergy….. several of mine have…..I hope! That doesn’t sound fun! So do they have you do more testing? How do you keep track of your rows? I can’t wait to see all your little chicks :)….. is this the first time you have done it? The kids will Love it❤️! Can’t wait to see those pants either :)!!!!! Love all the pictures :)! Have a Blessed day!!!! I am getting my package today :)!!!

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    • Hi Lana! His pedi decided that if he got hives a second time from dairy he would go ahead & work on a referral to a pediatric allergy clinic for Harmon, but I’m sort of rethinking that option & want to wait myself now…cutting all wheat for two weeks has helped immensely with his facial eczema and puffiness…so I’m planning to just avoid dairy and wheat for the foreseeable future & see what happens when he’s 2…maybe he will outgrow it by then like your babies!!! Here’s hoping! We’ve actually incubated chicks many many times, but this go-around we are only using eggs from our own coop so Coralee can try to further her flock of Blue Cochins…I’m not really banking on any of these eggs hatching…or at least any of those that do hatch being Cochins and not some “mutt” chick, ha! Blessings to you as well & hooray for woolly mail day!


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  3. Sad.. poor little man and poor you, too! You are doing good work, even though the process of eliminating and then reintroducing/dealing with a reaction is no fun. Hope for more knitting time for you this week!

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