Yarn Along

I’ve really made little progress since last Wednesday on Harmon’s Florence.  I did connect the two legs of the front & knit maybe ten rows since the join. So much for these being a spring wardrobe staple, however, the weather has turned cold & windy & rainy & just plain gross today so it doesn’t even feel like spring anymore anyway…my lilac bush is trying to blossom, but with little to no sun it’s struggling.  Still smells divine though!

Knitting time the past week has been taken up mostly with four days of daycare kids plus my own kids, of course.  Harmon is almost the same size as the baby girl I watch (she’s the one with the pink face below).  Harmon is such a little hobbit & I’m a bit perplexed at the “mommy-shaming” I’ve recently received for referring to him as “my little hobbit” in nothing but a loving manner…(((sigh))), I get it, I do, I have a child with several learning disabilities so I completely understand the power of words in this modern age…but I’m also #sooverthemommyshaming & #notgoingtotakeitanymore.  Hobbits are not real & I’ve read The Hobbit…plus I was told my entire pregnancy with Harmon he might have dwarfism he was so insanely small & his limb measurements were so very much out of proportion to his body…I worried about it for months…I’m not going to indulge this ridiculous conversation anymore.  Apologies for the soapbox tirade! (((Stepping down now)))

Forgot to say-Harmon loves his “second breakfast” so there’s that, too.  Ha!

My parents stopped by briefly last Friday.  Harmon loves his “twin”–my dad–& gave him & my mother many kisses.

We also spent a lot of time in the garden on Sunday when the weather was glorious!  Got the potatoes and radishes in & the strawberry bed restarted (we sort of let the weeds take over to an extent that couldn’t be fixed).

(((Muah!)))–from a little hobbit & his twin!  Hoping for a wee bit more knitting time in the week ahead!

Joining in with everyone who still wakes up on Wednesdays and thinks of Ginny! 😉


9 thoughts on “Yarn Along

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    • So true! I try to always remember that most mothers are just doing the best they can…and keep my mouth shut! Ha! Thanks for the link-up! I’ll be sure to link directly to your Yarn Along, too, next week! xx


  2. Loved your post, all of it. Glad to share the stardom with the little hobbit. The garden makeover is quite remarkable compared to 5 days ago. Good job! PapaHammond

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  3. Your totally right Ruby 😊 Harmon is the cutest little hobbit :)!!! I know what your talking about though……. we can definitely learn from the mommy shamers that we ALL have in our life and just try to be a blessing and a help to other mommies…… I think your right that we are all trying our best :)!!! Little Harmon is Perfect just the way he is!!! Blessings :)!!!!!

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  4. I’m with you on mommy shaming. In my life, I have said the mean girls at school grow up to be the mean moms on the playground. I don’t have time for it and I don’t ignore it-I say something. So bravo for saying something!
    Your pictures are adorable!

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    • I wish I was more assertive in real life…I was absolutely a doormat in high school…& I guess I’ve carried that with me…need to work on that because I absolutely agree with you–no time for it! I often wonder about the “mean girls” I encountered in jr/sr high & wonder if they “grew up” & quit their nonsense…sadly, I agree, it seems most never do. :/


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