April Awakening?

It’s been dull as tombs around here for most of March, I apologize!  Harmon was SICK.  I was SICK.  I missed posting about Harmon’s favorite things at 15 months as a result.  My goal is to post about Month 16 this week.  Fingers crossed the sickness train has departed for good now.  I’m still waiting on a call from my P.A. as to whether or not I truly broke/fractured a rib due to my incessant coughing over the course of three+ weeks.  I cannot believe I may have broke a rib as a result of coughing…the pain is so horrid, however, I absolutely believe it!  

Yesterday we visited the nearby Dudegon Wildlife Management Area to bird and hike.  Collectively we saw 19 species of birds including three Golden-crowned Kinglets, many Green-winged Teal, two Eastern Meadowlarks singing their hearts out, & a Yellow-rumped Warbler (photo below).  Iowa has been stuck in a literal cloud bank for over a week now…if we don’t get some sun soon I’m afraid the seedlings Coralee started for our garden this summer will get too leggy and die.  Pray for sun!  We all need an April Awakening!

Harmon’s cap is about the only knitting I’ve completed in weeks–another Garter Ear Flap Cap using Quince & Co’s newest le Blue Heathers collection.  I hope you’ll stay in touch with the blog this month despite my almost complete absence last month…lots to announce & some big changes in the Bodeker household taking place this summer!  Happy April!


8 thoughts on “April Awakening?

  1. 🌈SO funny…..I was just opening my email to write you a note!!!!! Wanted to tell you yooki wool is having all their new shorties on April 5th and said there will be discounts!!!!! I don’t own a pair yet so I am so excited! I have been missing you!!!! So sorry you have been sick!!!! That sounds terrible!!!!! Will be praying that you will have No More sickness this year!!!!! Cant wait for updates on little Harmon!!!! Little Cole has kinda started eating and I have calmed down!!!!!! Talk to you soon Ruby 🙂 Lana

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    • Hi Lana! I totally spaced on the Yooki stocking last week! Bummer! But we’re buying half a hog this week so I need to pinch pennies anyway, I suppose…so very VERY glad to hear Cole is eating again! I owe you an email. Hopefully this week! xx


    • Thanks, Bernice! June is wearing a hand-me-down hat I knit for Coralee for Christmas one year. She loved that hat and the color so much. I was sad when she outgrew it, but now it has a new chapter with June. xx


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