Life is mostly no fun when you’re sick…

…& you’re a baby & you’ve been awake screaming/wailing practically every half-hour like clockwork for the last two nights due to congestion…& since you’re congested you can’t nurse properly…so you’re really mad at life…& you’re also teething due to being 15 months old & only having 1.5 teeth(!)…& your fevers don’t really respond to anything mama tries…& your mama is also sick & keeps coughing at night which wakes you up every.single.time…what else…oh, of course, the best part!….your mom has been eating dairy the last few days & now your eczema is raging all over your torso & limbs & today you started scratching a lot…& your tummy rumbles way too much because of said dairy eaten by your mother…

Due to your banshee-esque wailing in the car during school drop-off this morning, mama got you out of your car seat while we waited the 30 minutes for older sister’s Band practice to end…

You enjoyed pretending to drive…sort of…You loved watching the late busses come & go…Well, not really.Mama tried to comfort you…you really seemed indifferent.  And angry.Your morning nap was hard won!  You slept off and on for close to three hours due to mama’s constant rocking (& attempts at nursing) between sleeps…You actually woke up fairly happy!  “Fed” yourself oatmeal for the first time…

Nope, nope, maybe not.  So we took a bath at noon due to oatmeal being plastered basically everywhere…Now you’re sleeping on mama again & it’s ok because she can see birds at the feeder in the garden from this position..but surely tomorrow will be better, Harmon  Hunter, little hobbit, surely surely. ❀ 


3 thoughts on “Life is mostly no fun when you’re sick…

  1. Oh Ruby I will be praying!!!! I am sorry baby Harmon isn’t happy! I know how VERY hard it is! I do not do well losing many night of sleep…. at all! All I want to do is cry! Thankfully it passes…… and then comes back for another round😬 But it is our attitude that makes this peaceful! You are doing a good job in your perspective of life! Your littles are so BLESSED to have you as their mommy!!!!! I mean it! One of the most generous people I have “known” πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•


  2. Poor Harmon Hunter and mommie…so sick both of them! Misery loves company in your case. Love the pic of mommie kissing Harmon…can see Ruby’s birthmark too in that pic…love the ‘grey’ strands! Miss you guys.


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