Yarn Along: Garter Ear Flap Hat FO

Harmon’s been a bit under the weather this week, so when I snapped most of these photos on Monday he wasn’t in a knits-modeling mood, he was in a sleeping-off-my-illness mood.This is Purl Soho’s Garter Ear Flap Hat.  I knit two sizes of this pattern for June when she was a toddler.  She was still regularly wearing the larger version up until this winter…until she wasn’t because she lost it & I was instantly a sad sad knitter.  That particular hat was rather special to me because I made it just for her and twice-over to boot due to sizing issues.  Once I got the size right, it quickly became part of her winter persona in my mind, as silly as that sounds. 

She definitely doesn’t need anymore hats-June has inherited dozens of hats from both her older sister & older brother.  But lucky for me Harmon has zero knit hats made by his mama to wear at the moment (isn’t that a bit strange?), so I found myself knitting this pattern again after a four year absence. I still love the construction (I swoon for short rows for some reason) & especially the final product.  It just fits so well & looks so cute-if you knit the correct size, of course, which I did on the first try this time!I used Quince & Co Puffin in Honey.  I think this single strand wool is absolutely perfect for this pattern.  Fluffy and warm.  Soft, but hardwearing.  Blooms beautifully when washed.And makes the best fuzzy tassel!Following his morning nap, Harmon awoke in a slightly better mood &, as this boy does love his hats, he was quite willingly to oblige me several knits-modeling photos. Due to Harmon’s large noggin I had to knit the third listed size in the pattern.  Lots of growing room for next winter.

He’s learned to fake snap to jazz music this week.  No lie!  He’s extremely obsessed.  He’ll carry my phone around the house listening to the public radio jazz station app while fake snapping & shaking his torso to the music.  This could go on for hours if I let it.  But I promise I don’t.  Eventually we put the phone away & just listen to the jazz station on the actual radio.  Anytime he wants to listen to jazz he will start fake snapping now & wiggling his hips while smiling at me.  I’ve tried turning on The Muppets Movie soundtrack in lieu of jazz, but he wants no part of it.  Jazz only, please, Mom!

We went for a walk yesterday afternoon & it was quite uncanny how well the color of his new cap matched the buds on the juniper trees.  

Still hoping we find June’s lost hat, but in the meantime, joining in with Ginny on this Ash Wednesday.


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Garter Ear Flap Hat FO

  1. Sweet post! Lovely pics, again…Ruby you take the BEST pics! I save a lot of them and scroll back through when I need a grandkiddo fix. Thanks!

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    • Oh that’s so nice to know/hear! I do often think of you & Papa down south when it’s been awhile between blog posts–I want you to know what’s going on all these months that you’re absent from the Midwest. xx


    • It really was lovely, the weather, the past week or so, today it’s cold and crazy windy and raining. And Harmon was doing so well yesterday and now today he has crashed hard into the land of sickness. ☹️☹️ High fever is back and he’s got so much nasal discharge and a hacking cough…he can’t nurse due to being stuffed up…he’s not a Happy Harmon. I so appreciate you checking in with us, Lana! Your package will ship tomorrow with some fun extras! xx


    • Yes! It is super fluffy and poofy! Single-strand wool yarns in general always wash up so well, too. Puffin is very sturdy (I like how the cap stands upright) but still soft. I hope you cast one on soon! I have found the sizing to be on the small side, however, but my kids do tend to have larger than average head circumferences. xx


  2. Fake snapping is one of my favorite toddler tricks. Love when they add a clicking tongue too!

    Two silly questions: that sweatshirt in the first picture is adorable. Any chance you remember where you got it? Same for the red shoes?

    PS: I was in Oakland, CA over the weekend and was shocked to see there were night herons in people’s yards. Along the west bay they have plenty of shoreline to hide in. I hadn’t ever thought of them as neighbourhood birds. Just thought your bird nerd might be as startled as mine was about that. 😉

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    • Hi Katharine! The sweatshirt is from the company Purl Lamb…I’m a we bit embarrassed about how many sweats and hoodies I’ve bought since Harmon was born from PL! The sweats are awesome, fit so well and for so long and there are usually epic sales going on. There’s no sales currently but she’s getting ready to clear out winter styles and announce spring colors so I’m sure there’ll be something soon. Otherwise, the code MAMAROCKS works for 10% off. The hoodie Harmon is wearing in that first pic is from the winter 2015 line so that particular colorway isn’t available anymore. The red shoes–the ones Harmon is wearing in the baby carrier–are from Mon Petit shoes. They are also a big time favorite here! Very very well- & hand-made in the USA; soft soled, super duper soft leather, excellent for toddlers and new walkers. I wish I could own a pair for Harmon in every color but ya know, I haven’t figured out how to grow money yet. 😉

      I told Coralee about the Night Herons in town and she thought that would be awesome to see! My parents in northern WI have Green Herons in their cabin yard but only because they live on a lake. That’s so strange they’re just hanging around in town by you! I guess they’re waiting for nightfall to feed? Need a safe place to hide during the day? In south Texas I’ve encountered Night Herons in the daylight perched in/under trees and it’s definitely startled me! Bit creepy…

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