Yarn Along {Stripey Balloon Pants FO & in-Action!}

I think I’ve knit this pattern out of my system now, at long last.  Maybe it’s the heatwave we’ve been experiencing these past few days here in Iowa, but I’m ready to move on-finally!!!-from woolly baby pants.  Harmon wore his new stripey version all day yesterday.  We were out & about a lot running many errands, buying a Speed Queen washing machine, chauffeuring Coralee to & from homeschool co-op classes & Band, hanging at two different coffee shops (yikes!), running down the sidewalks in town screaming (Harmon did that!), shrieking very shrilly at the library when it was time to put books away (again, Harmon, but I can see how you may have thought that was me-ha!), & then falling asleep in the car on the way home at 2PM because that’s a long day (I reiterate, that was Harmon falling asleep…I had a Venti-sized coffee at noon so I was wide-awake).  The Balloon Baby Pants held up great all day & did not sag out like the first pair so I’m glad I knit the smaller size with smaller needles this go.  Harmon is just such a peanut!  He is 14.75 months and this is the 5-8 MONTH size on US 2 needles with sportweight yarns.  Babies/toddlers definitely come in all sizes!

Harmon sure does LOVE books as of late.  Especially books about chickens or cats or peek-a-boo.

Joining in with Ginny.


13 thoughts on “Yarn Along {Stripey Balloon Pants FO & in-Action!}

    • Thanks, Nana! We picked up cookies at your favorite place yesterday for the big kids during our outing…Harmon was quite upset he couldn’t have one. I don’t blame him, they are sooooo good! Lynn the owner says hi to you (Autumn was sick at home).


  1. Ok so that sounds like a lot of fun…… 2 coffee shops and a new washer :)!!!! That sounds like a good day to any mommy 😉 I love the pants and that adorable baby Harmon!!! He sounded like a happy baby!!! So how big is he these days? I love your pretty bed!

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    • When I reflected back on the day & realized I went to 2 coffee shops and 2 separate libraries, yeah, I realized that was a pretty good day! I’m not sure what Harmon weighs–maybe I’ll weigh him on Brian’s gram/ounce scale this weekend, I’m curious, too. He’s still in mostly 6-12 month clothes…I just put away his 3-6 month onesies last weekend. 😁 Thanks, Lana! 💗💗💗


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