February Heatwave

To say it’s been warm in Iowa the last few days is an understatement.  This is a heatwave!  I feel like it’s the end of April and I need to be out in the garden.  Iowa weather is very tricky.  It will probably snow next week.  Harmon is sure enjoying his first steps–literally–outside the past two days.  He was wary at first, but quickly took off & wandered aimlessly (or maybe not?) all over the yard.  He is still unsteady on his feet & fell over as much as he remained upright.  We discovered he is afraid of the dogs up close, would like to catch one of the cats, & doesn’t really care about the chickens up close, either.  

He’s telling me all about the rooster crowing in this photo.This is Louisa.  One of our favorite chickens at the moment.

On Saturday we headed east to the Mississippi River in Davenport for an Iowa Young Birders trip on Credit Island.  Lots of Ring-billed Gulls & Bald Eagles.June found many gull feathers + she was wearing her new spring jacket resplendent with flying gulls so she wanted her photo taken in front of a large flock of gulls hanging out on the ice.I’m posing, Mama, snap the photo!

Harmon’s first time on a swing!

Later we swung by the University of Iowa to pick up Harmon’s godmother (& cousin) Miss Bailey for lunch at our favorite place Sutliff Bridge & Tavern.  I’ve blogged about Sutliff several times over the years.Quizzing June on her bird knowledge.Harmon is generally very very wary of people other than his mama & Coralee, but he took to Bailey straight off!  So sweet! ❤Happy Weekend Warmth!


6 thoughts on “February Heatwave

    • Thanks! June was planning to finish your email last night but she got attacked/chased by a rooster in the yard & her evening was ruined. She couldn’t recover, for real! She’s very dramatic. We’ll work on it again tonight.


    • Bailey is such a sweet girl–Harmon had no qualms sitting with her. Merritt kept calling her “Ellie” for some reason. Too many lovely young women in his life for him to keep proper track, I guess! Ha!


    • So true–summer could be way easier or waaaay harder with him his year. Our garden is fended in so that should help, but (and I can’t believe I’m admitting this!) he picks up everything wherever we are & puts it in his mouth….which included a dried up piece of chicken poo on Friday in the garden…straight into his mouth…I had to swipe it out!!!! So embarrassing but totally something that would happen at my house! 🙈🙈💩😷😷


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