Yarn Along (it’s in there somewhere)

I began watching my daycare girl this week (almost four years old) & her six-week-old sister…I think the two days per week they’re here are just going to be a hot mess for everyone involved, at least for awhile.  Harmon’s Balloon Pants are almost finished & I’ve begun reading up on keeping dairy goats.  Drinking a lot of coffee & making a lot of bottles.  Harmon was definitely out of sorts with the baby here.  He also is suffering from a big time allergic reaction to a dairy test (I’ll blog on that later this week).  The knitting is in there somewhere.  And Harmon’s little hand.

Joining in with Ginny!


11 thoughts on “Yarn Along (it’s in there somewhere)

  1. I see his little hand! Lots of kids in your house this week. Life is good! Enjoy the rest of the week, maybe a little less stressful? We can only hope…
    Love Nana

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  2. Oh I loved the laundry yesterday too! Such a sweet mama to wait for him! Funny how we get so much enjoyment seeing them :)!!! I understand about a lot of coffee 🙂 we have had that horrible cold here for a few weeks! Lots of tears and sleepless nights! Thanks for sharing!!! Can’t wait to see his pants! I am so sure about the hot mess :)! That’s a lot to take on! 😉

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    • Kind of embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been making coffee all week at home and pouring it in the pictured Starbucks cup…makes me feel like I’ve actually gotten out of the house, I guess! I’m so very sorry to hear there is sickness at your house, Lana! No sleep for mama makes for a ridiculously hard week, no fun. I’m praying for you guys. 💗 Hoping to finish his pants this weekend…thank you for stopping by, my woolly-mama friend!

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    • If you do decide to knit a pair I would recommend not using the Quince Chickadee…it’s awesome wool and I love all the colors, but it is not springy enough, not retaining the shape in the waistband enough…Harmon’s first pair invariably fall down past his bum every time after the first wearing following a woolly bath. I’m knitting this second pair with a smaller needle and less stitches, but I don’t have my hopes up too high for much change. Cheers to your afternoon, Martha!


  3. Stay strong, the winter is getting long for everyone. I’d love to have you check out the International Owl Museum in Houston MN. Gary and I went up last Saturday. They have a great website with a lot of activities to do at home. It would be a long-ish trip for you just to see the little center which is trying to get off the ground, BUT they have an owl fest the first weekend in March. It is a very big deal, with about 2000 people (in a town of 900) and speakers from around the world. They have something for everyone from the littlest to the biggest.

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    • Thank you for the tip, Bernice! My kids love owls. We can actually hear a GHOW from inside our house some nights hooting in the woods-through the walls-such a treat! I will look into the Owl Fest for sure. I know I still owe you an email, this week!


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