Walking (with June), Walking (in an ice storm), Walking (with Harmon!)

June has been feeling very lost/left behind the last few months & it only seems to be worsening…our house is definitely a very, very busy place & Harmon takes up a lot of my time, while the older two seem to take up a lot of Brian’s time when he’s not working [read: unpaid Uber drver!].  We’ve both been making an effort to spend some solitary time with June.  Iowa (& most of the Central U.S.) was hit with an ice storm over the weekend/Monday.  Iowa got a lot of rain, too, & June loves walking in the rain/puddles.  I took just her outside yesterday [MLK Day, a no school day] for a hike & she loved it as predicted.  I don’t think she wanted to go back inside despite her wet feet.

img_81731Coralee & Merritt spent much of the day playing with Legos.

img_81751It was pretty bad out there…

img_81471…but June & I persevered!

img_81171First we followed our silly goose Ferdie making her way back to the coop over the extremely icy ground…




img_81231Ooops!  Goose down!

img_81241She made it back inside the warm coop safely, I promise!

img_81271Our ridiculous cat-food-eating, sneaking-into-the-garage-constantly Speckled Sussex ‘May’ got herself trapped downhill from the coop & would not be caught (June tried!), so we just chased her under Brian’s parked, non-operational truck & she stayed dry under there for most of the afternoon.  By the way, if anyone is in need of a free Speckled Sussex hen (she doesn’t lay eggs anymore, however, she’s too old), I can hook you up anytime!  Please.

img_81321June wanted her picture taken by her “outside Christmas tree”–a juniper [aka Eastern redcedar] volunteer in the yard.

img_81291Lots of ice on this tree.


img_81351Our Prairie Creek tributary was running loudly for mid-January in Iowa.

img_81371This is our yard.

img_81361Flash creek that runs off the bordering field, across our front yard & into Prairie Creek along our southern boundary.  June loveslovesloves it when the flash creek shows up.  Her outerwear was soaking wet from icy rain by this point.

img_81381Um, we’re not going anywhere.

img_81421We found a yellow wooly bear caterpillar crawling on the glacial erratic that sits near our northern boundary.  June is a caterpillar/butterfly fanatic & was quite surprised to see this caterpillar crawling up the side of the rock in an ice storm, in Iowa, in January.

img_81391S/he was moving at a pretty good pace up this rock.

img_81431We pulled the dry grass back from the underside of the rock & tucked her/him underneath.  Hopefully s/he goes back to hibernating.  One life cycle of this species [a Virginia tiger moth as an adult] spends the winter hibernating.

img_81601Our culvert was clogged with ice, but flowing just the same.

img_81591I thought the reflections rather lovely.


img_81481Back inside Harmon has been spending the last several days WALKING, too!  He mostly walks now!


Over the weekend he started carrying things around with him as he walked.  He’s getting more confident!


Mostly he walks around in half circles before falling over…his navigational skills are not developed yet. 😉


I’ve noticed in the past week when I set him down he no longer collapses his legs to immediately assume crawling, his legs are stiff now & he’s ready to walk.  He keeps his arms mostly tucked up near his armpits like he’s a T-rex with tiny non-operational arms, it makes us all chuckle.  His legs are very bowed as he walks.

My baby is making the transition to toddler…

ekjp82101He’s quite proud of his walking!

We’ve been walking a lot here in Iowa despite the ice, just much more nimbly.  Buses were on hard-surface routes only today so Merritt & June are missing school.  Fingers crossed for lots of ice melting to take place ASAP as I can’t seem to exit my house without slipping/falling.  Yesterday I landed in a big pile of Ferdie poo & bruised myself in several places…I sat there looking at the faux glacier growing/flowing around me & wondered where the winters of my youth have gone?  I’d like to take a quiet walk in a fresh snowfall one of these days.

~How’s winter by you?~


6 thoughts on “Walking (with June), Walking (in an ice storm), Walking (with Harmon!)

  1. Wow! We wondered about you/weather! Such BEAUTIFUL pictures Ruby! Your goose – what a hoot! Such a special time with Junie Belle – she’s precious! Miss you all! Our winter here in Tucson is COLD. High on Sunday was only 44 degrees! This is a really lovely post – miss your place! Pretty out there…..
    Love Mom/Nana

    Liked by 1 person

    • We should reach close to 50 tomorrow or Thursday…I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope it pans out! I need this ice mess to melt. I miss snow! Stay warm in Tucson!<<that's a crazy thing to say, too


  2. As you can imagine, it’s icy here too and we have much more snow. You need a good snow! I’ll wish that for you 😉 Speaking of walking, we are participating in the 52 Hike Challenge (google if you’re not familiar) It’s has been fun and has gotten us out even more. January has been a mess for finding a date for us to meet. Would you like to look at your February calendar for a Tues. or Thursday? Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will look up the challenge! Sounds like something I would enjoy, too. I will check my February calendar, for sure, and get back to you. Might be the only way for me to see real snow this year! 🙂


  3. I Love all the pictures Ruby! It looks like a beautiful storm and your property is sooo nice!!!! I wish we lived so far out we couldn’t see our neighbors :)!!! I’m sure it was so special for June!!!!! And 😊 !!!!! Harmons walking!!!!! Looks like a crazy winter there!!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Winter really has just gotten plain old crazy in Iowa the last decade. We don’t really get much snow anymore! I love to cross country ski & I’ve barely been able to do any for a good decade here. Too much ice and/or rain. Blah! We have several neighbor’s but you can’t really see any of their homes save for one & they’re never home anyway. 😉 Thank you for visiting the blog, Lana! xx


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