Yarn Along (duck booties & more balloon pants)

My needles have been busy this past week (not having my daycare child for the month of January has proven good for knitting, apparently).  I am currently in the knitting throes of a toddler sweater (not pictured) for Coralee’s homeschool teacher, the adorable pictured Baby Duck Booties for Harmon before his tiny feet finally decide to elongate (I completely forgot about my Quince & Co kit for these until I stumbled upon it cleaning out my closet), & a second pair of Balloon Baby Pants for Harmon in Quince & Co Chickadee in the colors Delft, Frost, & Carrie’s Yellow.  I’m planning the yellow for the band & cuffs and the Delft/Frost for stripes. I went with a size smaller needle this go-around & cast on less waist stitches than his Christmas pair.  The ribbed waist in that first pair is proving too loose on his non-existent belly.

I’m currently reading my dad’s manuscript for his first novel.  Isn’t that exciting????  He writes a monthly column for a Midwest hunting magazine & has had a short story or two published previously, but a whole novel is quite a feat!  Perhaps someday you will be able to find it on your local bookseller’s shelf. πŸ™‚

Joining in with Ginny.


17 thoughts on “Yarn Along (duck booties & more balloon pants)

  1. I’ve always “eyed” those duck booties. How exciting it would be to read a book written by your dad! I’m still looking at the calendar for our Decorah trip. The weather and work keep messing it up! I love your posts and the yarn colors! I’m re-teaching Gary how to knit. He’s making the Dr. Who Tom Baker scarf. There is a men’s knitting group at the Blue Heron every second Saturday.


    • The weather has definitely not been cooperative this week, but we still don’t have any snow down here, just a bunch of ice now. I miss snow! That’s so cool Gary is knitting! I need to check that scarf pattern out. Merritt used to know how to knit and was quite good at it, I think it was a good activity to boost his processing skills. You’ve inspired me to get him knitting again. See you soon!


  2. The booties are just adorable! And what exciting news about your Dad! Wow, I am really impressed! It must feel so special to read a novel by your father… I wish him luck with publishing it!

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    • A plaid onesie would look trΓ¨s chic with these booties, yes! What a sweet baby gift. A matching baby-sized (do they make a baby size? hmm, not sure) Stormy Kromer plaid cap would be icing on that baby gift cake!


    • Hi Lana! No, not hard, but putzy!!! Four dpns, 3dpns, then 2dpns, then back to 3 & about a zillion ends to weave in…lol, I’m not making the pattern sound fun, oops! The finished outcome is worth it, I promise. xxo I owe you an email!


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