Yarn Along (FO Baby Balloon Pants!)

I finished weaving in the ends on Harmon’s “Christmas” pants (Balloon Baby Pants by Ingrid Aartun) on New Year’s Eve Day.  I was fairly disappointed in myself for missing my ‘deadline” by almost a week, but the shirt I ordered from the Netherlands to go with his pants still has not arrived so any disappointment I felt was short-lived.

Since finishing, Harmon has worn the pants every day & I’ve washed once & had to shave the pills once.  There have been A LOT of pills, too.  He’s still a crawling/scooting baby so his bum gets furry fast.  I used Quince & Co’s Chickadee Boreal for the main color & Belize for the cuffs because 1) I ran out of Boreal & 2) I thought the pants could use another color.  I am already planning a second pair in stripes…this could get addictive.  Photography of these pants was difficult owing to the squirmy baby, bad light, and the fact that dark green yarn does not capture well.  Sleeping 13-month-olds are easier to photograph, that’s for sure, than awake ones.




img_79621Mom, I think you’ve tried this every which way & the photos are just going to look crummy, so give it up, okay?  Love, Harmon


This is a wonderful pattern!  I love the tall waistband–helps keep his diaper up!  Highly recommend this pattern.  Joining in with Ginny!


19 thoughts on “Yarn Along (FO Baby Balloon Pants!)

  1. Oh my goodness Ruby!!! Those are so sweet! Good Job for finishing them!!! He looks so cute in them!!!! So you did them on a 3? Wow that would take forever! Was the yarn super thin??? Love the pics!!!😉

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    • Yes, size 3 & it was A LOT of stitches. The finished product is so awesome, however, I seem to be forgetting the nightmare that was knitting them…kind of like childbirth, I guess, ha! The yarn is definitely a sport weight, maybe even fingering to some people. Thanks, Lana, for your balloon pants love! ❤


    • I do not think it is too late, not at all, go for it! My 5yo still wears merino wool leggings when it’s very very cold to school. I hope you try the pattern (you may have to modify it to fit your two year old or find another pattern with larger sizes) & finish your Christmas cap. xx


    • Oh, I hope you do! I am realizing this weekend (the more Harmon wears the pants between washings) that the waistband needs to be knit on a size (or even two sizes) smaller needle than the body. The ribbing is getting looser and sagging between washings. 🙂


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