Yarn Along {baby balloon pants}

It’s almost Christmas & the Baby Balloon Pants are not done…I did not properly prepare myself to knit PANTS for a one-year-old on US size 2/3 needles…good grief there are a lot of stitches.  I’ve got about 30 rounds left on the left leg, plus the cuff, before I can even begin the right.  I so want Harmon to wear these white-pine-needles-colored pants for Christmas, but I’ve got a couple other items I need to finish for Christmas as well.  Oh, the dilemmas we knitters face this time of year!  Coralee needs to start picking varieties for the heritage garden she assists with every summer so that’s about the extent of my reading right now. 

As I was snapping the photo of my MC Hammer-esque pants yesterday, Coralee was conducting a ten minute FeederWatch survey in the same room & someone decided to join her!  It will only be too soon before he can actually see out the windows himself.  He has a pair of toy binoculars he knows to put up to his eyes.  Makes this birding mama very proud, I must admit, to see him do so.  I wonder how much he already knows?  I ask him often if he hears the birds or sees the birds as we look out the window…Joining in with Ginny!


7 thoughts on “Yarn Along {baby balloon pants}

  1. I love the color of the balloon pants; so perfect for Christmas.
    I’m so looking forward to our future day together. Gary and I are doing the Christmas bird count tomorrow at Pine Creek in Winneshiek (sp) County. I’m really looking forward to that. We haven’t birded beyond our feeder for weeks!
    I wish you all a very merry Christmas!!
    P.S. There is nothing I love more than reading your posts with a cup of coffee in the morning-just the cat and I! If I’m, lucky, the Yarn Harlot will have a new post as well and then I’m doubly lucky!

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    • The pants are soooo close to being finished! Here’s hoping! I am very VERY much looking forward to our visit as well! I’ll email you next week & we will set it up! How did your bird count go this year? Coralee & Brian missed the count they participate with at Lake Red Rock due to bad weather predictions last weekend. Someday maybe I could join you & Gary for your count!? Our county does not have one as of yet.

      Picturing you reading my blog in your lovely lovely home as you sip coffee in the morning is truly a gift to my heart–thank you, Bernice!


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