Harmon, You’re One!


Happy Birthday, Harmon Hunter!

What an incredible thing to be, one-year-old!


You are still a very tiny human, Harmon, at 16lbs 11oz, which puts you in the 1st percentile on the WHO child growth charts.  You are 28.75inches long (12th percentile) and your head is in the 76th percentile.  Your growth keeps trucking right along at the dead bottom of the graph, but your pediatrician keeps reminding me at least you’re maintaining a curve.


Your labor was slow as molasses despite my water breaking on your original (LMP) due date (November 30) at 6pm…over twelve hours later and contractions had fizzled to basically nothing, like 11-20 minutes apart and the intensity was dropping.  Time for Pitocin, which I had fought like crazy against (probably part of the reason the labor wasn’t progressing better), but a few hours later and you were here!  Makes me cry recalling that special day, December 1st.  A rainy, icy, cold day here in Iowa made brighter with your welcome to it.


You continue to take your time with most things in life–you still do not walk at one-year-old, you only recently started cruising cautiously along the furniture, and you remain toothless!  At 11-months-old you, at long last, learned to roll from back to front.  Crawling was slow to come as well (you sat up well around six months and got really REALLY good at reaching for things and pivoting around in a circle on your bum), but now you are a crawling machine!  Your crawl is anything but traditional–you swing your left leg out and keep the right tucked underneath.  You were born serious, my Harmonious, and you remain fairly serious.  When you smile & laugh everyone does the same around here!


You say a few words/sounds: mama, dada, & baa!.  You babble & love love love music!  You also like to use your finger to touch things.  One of your favorite pastimes when we visit the library (every Monday during older sister Coralee’s Spanish class) is for me to carry you around the children’s room so you can touch every single book that is on display with your one finger.  You also loved batting at the fall leaves hanging from the ceiling & now that those leaves are gone, you keep looking up in a very confused manner.


Coralee & I took these photos in the loft on a very dreary day & need to do so again in order to correct the blurry factor, but time is fleeting & these may just have to do.  I hope you don’t mind!


You take two naps a day now (both on the floor since you learned to fall off the bed–oops!).  Sometimes you squeeze in three & sometimes we only get one & those days are not fun.  You sleep roughly one hour at a time after nursing/rocking to sleep.  Around 6/7pm in the evening you are spent & NEED to go to bed.  We don’t really have much of a bedtime routine in place yet…mostly because you are like putting a feisty, non-sleepy cat to bed & have been that way since birth.  You require a lot of maintenance in the sleep department.  We co-sleep and you go maybe two hours at a time at night without waking up.  Every night is different, too, what works one night won’t work the next to get you back to sleep.


And, like all babies, after fitful nights, you are ready to sleep late…but older siblings need to be on the bus by 6:50AM so that doesn’t happen often, my tiny friend.


Harmonious!  Yes, your daddy has given you that nickname.  And guess what?  It fits so well!  You love to play your harmonica & when you first figured out how to make noise with it you were stunned, thrilled, and so very proud of yourself!  We also call you Har-MOAN when you’re crying or fussing, Harmon Hunter when you’re “baby naughty”, & sometimes Harmonica or Harmione.


You look like Papa Hammond, my father!



Your big bro is getting better with you–more tolerant & less fearful of you “freaking out.”


June.  Oh, June.  She is your greatest playmate & greatest tormentor!  Ha!  She sure does like to carry you around & it doesn’t always work out so well these days…



This was your birthday gift.  It is a PLAN toys bus walker & it rocks!  I recommend this gift for a one-year old, especially one that doesn’t walk yet, highly.  I plan (ha! like any of my plans work out, but we’ll see) to do a “Harmon’s Favorite Things” post once a month now for the next year & hope to talk more about this walker at that time.



You read!  No, I kid, but you seemed to be doing so with your daddy’s godmother’s birthday card.


The older kids think it is hilarious to just push you around in your walker & now you’re spoiled & would rather do this than walk.  You love to hug this puppy toy.  It is very sweet when I catch you hugging it.


Your tongue seems to be out of your mouth a lot lately…like you’re concentrating, but I think you’re using it to touch the one lousy tooth that’s trying to pop on the bottom gumline.




We had an angel food cake for your birthday (it was sooooooooo good, thank you, Nana Hammond!) because you remain intolerant of dairy.  VERY intolerant.  I am still not eating dairy & I weigh a lot less than I used to..


Happy Birthday, my special boy!!!  You were unexpected & I cannot say the last year has been easy, but I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE you so very much, never forget that, Harmon Hunter.  You are here for a reason & we are so very thankful you are indeed.

Love, Mamamamamamamamama


7 thoughts on “Harmon, You’re One!

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, Bernice! I still think about the email you sent me when I found out I was expecting Harmon as it helped me so much. I agree with you now more than ever that those babies we’ve lost come back to us somehow. I had two fairly late losses and then went on to have June & Harmon. Thank you again for being such a wonderful friend! I just today saw your comments on June’s lost tooth post–agreed, let’s make a visit happen! Next month I am not working for a few weeks. I think Coralee, Harmon and I need to visit you on one of your days off at the Blue Heron/Decorah! xoxo


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