Yarn Along 

It’s been too long since I’ve joined in with Ginny over at Small Things.  Might as well dive back in to blogging at warp speed, no?!  I started a pair of baby balloon pants in a Quince & Co yarn (colorway Boreal) for Harmon over the Thanksgiving holiday, but as we were all sick or convalescing, I didn’t get much accomplished.  Hoping for a December 25th finish!Someone was trying to help mama photograph the knitting on the bed yesterday!  He’s so very sick today now–high fever, respiratory gunk, feeling awful, can’t breathe properly.  Poor bug.  Hoping he kicks this soon…you can’t be sick on your first birthday!  


First Tooth Lost!

June lost her first tooth last night after working ALL.DAY.LONG to pull it out!  She was determined to lose it ASAP in order to share about the experience at school.  She kept telling/asking me to pull it out for her which I gladly would have done, but she clearly needed no help.  She wiggled and twisted for hours, exasperatedly telling us how badly she wanted it out NOW.  And then all of sudden it was out!  It didn’t even bleed it must have been so close to falling out.  This is the earliest any of my kids have lost a tooth and Harmon Hunter (who turns one year old this week!!) still has ZERO teeth!  So crazy.  We took all four kids to the dentist yesterday (I thought Harmon would have a mouthful of teeth by one year of age, oops) and everyone with teeth is cavity-free.  (Coralee has a congenital hole in one of her adult molars that we’ve known about forever that will be filled permanently if the tooth ever manages to rise completely above the gums, but we don’t count that.)  The dentist didn’t even look at Harmon, for obvious reasons.  Hopefully he’ll have a mouth full of chompers in six months’ time when we go back.  The Tooth Fairy left June a nice handwritten note rolled up with 5 one-dollar bills & tied with some lovely purple baby alpaca. 🙂

I should address the fact I’ve been MIA for over six months here on the blog…I can only blame a tornado in July that took out the area’s only cell tower that our service provider uses (apparently) and the fact that we live in rural Iowa and cellular data is our only internet access.  Oh, also, Harmon requires every bit of me.  Every.bit.  I am very tired.  I will post a one-year update for him soon, once we take his one-year photos.  I promise it will be worth it, so I hope I haven’t lost all my readers!  He’s very cute!  A tiny tiny little man at 16lb.  See you back here soon!