Yarn Along a western road


Guess what?  I won the lottery!!!  Ok, no, I didn’t, something even better happened!  I–at long long last–finished Harmon’s Wee Envelope!  A good deal of car knitting this past Monday & Tuesday did the trick!  I even got the 65 million ends woven in so now all it needs is four buttons & Harmon will be ready for his (month-late) six-month photo session this Saturday with my western bestie Mia!  The hotel I am staying at is literally 50 yards from a yarn shop (how divine is that???!), so hopefully I can find buttons worthy of the ridiculous amount of time it took me to finish this sweater.  As soon as I tied off the last end yesterday afternoon, I cast on immediately for Coralee’s birthday gift (another thing I’m a month behind on)–Storyteller Hoodie in some scrumptious Madelinetosh.  I also continue to read the biography of Rachel Carson this week–I’m roughly halfway through now & just got an email from the library stating the book is due back tomorrow…& I’m out of renewals…story of my literary life!

Joining in with Ginny from the road.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Along a western road

  1. Congratulations on finishing! I am reading Beatrix Potter, A Life in Nature by Linda Lear. Is she the author of your Rachel Carson book? I started it from the library, ran out of renewals and my husband bought the book for my Christmas gift. Here I am still reading it! I do like it though and want to try the Rachel Carson one too.


  2. Love car-knitting! And it is a great idea to leave the weaving ends part for a car ride – you get it done so much faster this way! Looking forward to FO post!


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