Yarn Along {congrats Ginny!}

I’m not sure if Ginny will post a Yarn Along today or not as she *just* gave birth to beautiful Mae barely a week ago (so head over to her blog & get your newborn photos fix!)…but here’s what’s doing anyway in my knitting life.  I wound the last ball of Q & Co Chickadee in Belize for Harmon’s Wee Envelope.  I’m so close to being done!  I hope I have a finished photo for the blog next week.  I do have a swift somewhere in my house for winding, but I only had like one minute to do this before Harmon got antsy, so seize the moment I did!  (Please ignore the fact that my skin is so translucent white the colorway that is Belize absolutely does match the veins in my legs & elsewhere-yikes! I am a pale pale lady.)


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along {congrats Ginny!}

    • Oh, Alina, that is so very true! You definitely learn much about your yarn by hand-winding. Thanks for the reminder! Makes me feel better about misplacing (ok, I lost it!) my winder/swift. xx


    • Yes, it’s been awesome, Donna! Harmon is getting better & better with each passing day at “playing” with a few toys on his own. Mostly he’s just sucking for two seconds on something & then flinging it across the floor/bed, but it’s progress…bittersweet progress for sure. xx


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