Yarn Along

We are still still still still STILL knitting on the second Wee Envelope in Quince & Co’s Chickadee (colorway Belize). I almost have the second sleeve done & then I know (hope!) the body will fly by & it will be all ready for Harmon to wear…just in time for Iowa’s 90+’F heatwave & practically 100% humidity! Ha!  I’m so on the [knitting] ball around here.

After re-reading Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring with Coralee this past school year, we both listened to the Science Friday Silent Spring Book Club podcast from the summer of 2012. The author of the Rachel Carson biography On a Farther Shore was interviewed as part of the podcast. I’m only three chapters into William Souder’s bio (reading snippets of it while Harmon nurses to sleep during the day), but I am definitely finding myself fangirling Carson even more now.  Her childhood was tough, but almost seems magical in a way.  I am getting the feeling there was a higher power at play in her life, leading her down all the winding, but purposeful paths to eventually end with the extraordinary feat of writing that is Silent Spring.


Joining in with Ginny (finally! at last! once again!) & not a moment too soon–new baby to arrive shortly!


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along

    • Me, too, Alina. I’d like to make myself a sweater in this same colorway, but I think I’ve got to move on from Belize…all my kids have things knit in this same color. Whoops! πŸ˜€


  1. Beautiful sweater! But, really not this time of year. Ha! Hopefully it will still fit him (I’m guessing it won’t be a problem) come this fall! Loved loved loved the feet in the photo!
    Love Nana Hammond


    • I’m thinking unless he suddenly becomes a different person, yes, it should fit him for awhile! His feet are so cute in photographs, but maybe that’s just all baby feet. πŸ™‚


  2. I’m with you on the knitting progress failure. I keep casting things on and then setting them aside as I remember that the two little biys occupy nearly all my time right now. Even worse this week as we start inching wake up times earlier and earlier in advance of day camp next week and try to pull back on the screen time. Doing these both at the same time might have been a misstep. Oh well. Too late now.

    Book suggestion for your bigger birder: Birding on Borrowed Time by Phoebe Snetsinger. She was the Google doodle one day last week and sent my birder and I down a marvelous path.

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    • Thank you for the suggestion, Katharine, we will be sure to check that book out! When I worked as a teacher I loved using the Google doodle in my lessons. πŸ™‚ My eldest boy, Merritt, is also in a day camp & I have been failing miserably at getting him to bed on time…it’s just so hard to “adult” in the summer-ha! I hope you find some time to knit next week–maybe once camp starts? Thanks for stopping by the blog! xx


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