3 becomes 4!

Harmon is four months!

I did not find the time to blog his third month milestones/photos last month, so I included one of his three month photos below. He’s changed so much! So much less hair, which I am sad about; his hair, especially on top of his head, is falling out/has fallen out & is being replaced by a lighter color. He still has all his baby hair in the back & it is very dark. I’m wondering what color he is going to end up with by a year old…I just hope he has some at this rate!

Three months!

Three months!




IMG_3652[1]He was just under 12lbs at four months.  Today I took him in for his four month well-child check & he weighed 12lbs 7oz.  He’s in the 2nd percentile for weight.  At 24.25in long, he’s in the 7th percentile for height.  His head circumference is still hovering at the 50th percentile.  Still wearing his newborn Sloomb diapers, but he’s moved into medium Sloomb flats.  A small guy!IMG_3014[1]He cannot sit up & has not rolled even once, but he can hold his weight up in his legs very well!  He did this around 3.5 months!  June was stunned!  I was just plain old worried….not ready for this!
IMG_3657[1]He always has his hands together now like in this photo.  It is most definitely a comfort measure.  Reminds me of my dad.IMG_3658[1]

IMG_3659[1]He helps me wake up Merritt for the early bus around 6:15AM every morning.  Takes a very short nap (like 12 minutes) about an hour after waking up.IMG_3660[1]

IMG_2668[1]June took this photo in the car & I just thought it was cute.IMG_2549[1]Speaking of June, she wants to TOUCH TOUCH TOUCH her baby brother all.the.time.  It’s becoming a bit of a problem, but she just loves him so much.  I just wish she would stop touching his face.  He’s had far too many colds.  Harmon is a bit leery of her, but to be honest, he’s a bit leery of everyone.  He’s very serious.  Very much a mama’s boy.  He just wants his mama at all times & then everything is OK.IMG_3486[1]Hey, baby.  I’d like you to meet my girlfriend.IMG_3487[1]That’s some manicure my sister (June) gave ya.IMG_3490[1]You still there?IMG_3493[1]I think we should see other people.IMG_3656[1]Hanging with mama in the early morning.IMG_3475[1]Celebrating Merritt’s birthday!IMG_2535[1]I found this photo on my phone.IMG_2541[1]

Sleepy pics.  Harmon takes like 4-5 12-minute naps during the day.  Gah!   He sleeps well at night, waking a few times to nurse, so I can’t complain….but, yeah, I do!IMG_2647[1]



IMG_3653[1]Four months is so sweet! xoxo


10 thoughts on “3 becomes 4!

  1. I mean seriously, these pictures are just the cutest! I so adore his little face, he has so much personality. But my favourites have to be the ones of him and his girlfriend. Just too funny! I wish I had done this with my boy, a beautiful monthly tribute. I am instead buried under about 3 million pictures, most of which are blurred. I must get on top of my photograph files. You’ve inspired me Ruby! xx

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    • Hi Tania! I always enjoy your comments greatly, thank you! We have gazillions of baby/kid photos here, too, in various places…old phones, old laptops, old thumb drives, new phones, ipads, ipods…it’s a nightmare! I hope I can get it all sorted out before Harmon is in his 20s! xxo


  2. Oh my word! I CAN NOT believe he is standing at furniture at only 12 pounds! That is amazing. He is going to be one of those teeny tiny baby walkers that are just so darn precious. I just blogged about my four-month old and guess how much she weighs? 17 pounds! She could eat your little guy (and just might)!


    I’ve been keeping my eyes out for you on the Yarn Alongs but haven’t seen you lately (totally get it) so I thought I would pop by to check in and say Hi.

    Hi! πŸ˜‰ ~ Rebecca

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rebecca! It is a little crazy that he’s been standing up on his own legs (against furniture) since about 3.5 months…he doesn’t roll or scoot or sit up or anything else, though…he’s definitely his own person! I do wish he would gain a little weight as he’s in the 2nd percentile at the moment, but he’s also short (7th), so it’s possible he’s just going to be a little guy. We’ll find out all too soon as it goes by way too fast–which I know you understand! I will hop over to your four month blog post today, I hope. And, yes, I’ve been missing the Yarn Along posts…just no time to knit. πŸ˜₯ I hope to get back to it by summer. Thanks for stopping by! xx


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