Yarn Along {dear baby…}

Dear Harmon (aka my baby who does not nap, at least not for more than an hour, combined, all day, unless I hold you continuously),

You will never have all the cute, popular-on-Ravelry, knit items for babies if you keep this non-napping schedule up…I hope you’re ok with that…you’re lucky you’re cute & smell amazing, like a baby.


Your Mom (aka the person who knits for you)

Pattern: Another Wee Envelope in Size 6-12months

Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee in Belize

Quilt: Made By A Dear Friend & Master Gardener (& I Guess Master Quilter!) Who Rocks

Joining in with: The Lovely, Always InspiringΒ Ginny.


19 thoughts on “Yarn Along {dear baby…}

  1. Love this little series of pictures. Love ALL his pictures! At least Harmon isn’t old enough to ruin all your carefully staged shots so, he may not sleep, but at least he is good photographer’s assistant (for now!)!
    Although just maybe he is trying to tell you this…(follow the link)!!!!!!

    Hope that made you smile. Another lovely knitting mama shared it with me and it gave me a little giggle so I am paying it forward x

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    • Ha ha, that’s awesome, Tania! Thank you for the giggle–I actually laughed quite heartily out loud! Your little savage is one cute prop assistant, too, despite his antics. I know we’ll miss these days in just a few short years…I keep telling myself that but it’s hard to remember when it’s day after day of no sleep/no breaks. Thanks for stopping by! xx


  2. I can relate! (Not to gloat), but on a happy note, my Rebekah is napping now–which is a big deal because her molars are coming in and she just learned to walk, so I am off to eat a bite of lunch and maybe crochet a few rows . . . πŸ˜‰

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    • Enjoy your lunch & crochet time! I know this won’t last forever–my ten year old son was just like this until about a year of age–just have to keep calm (and try to knit on!) and constantly remind myself they’re only little once. Thank you for your encouragement!


    • I love his open mouth, whole hog smile! He doesn’t smile unless you engage him, but yesterday when I went into his room o fetch him after a crazy brief nap, he greeted me with a smile! He is SO much happier and pleasant and calm when he gets some much much much needed sleep.


    • It just dawned on me that the Envelope I’m currently knitting is no longer in a Ginny yarn–mommy brain fail! Good grief, so sorry! I agree with you in the Belize color, yes, it’s a gorgeous shade of blue-green! Disregard my first reply, Elizabeth & my apologies! I think I need more sleep…


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