Five Years for the ‘Bestest Girl Ever’

 June turned FIVE on Monday!  Five!  I’m as surprised as anyone at how fast those five years flew.  June was a sweet baby & continues to be a very very sweet girl.  She is friends with everyone in her 4yo preschool class–her teacher, Mrs. Gerber, always tells me how nice & kind & friendly June is to all her classmates.  Always smiling.  Always happy.  Very VERY happy to learn.  Inquisitive.  Curious.  Good listener.  Follows the rules…wants others to follow the rules as well & kind of a stickler about it, yikes! 😉  Calm, collected, but fun.  She is kind of oblivious to the crazy in her classroom (there’s a lot of rambunctious kids in there)–she just does her thing & honestly doesn’t really care what others think about her...but she absolutely hates to make a mistake, a mistake she’s aware of, I mean.  If she doesn’t know how to answer something, Mrs. Gerber said she will just smile with her huge blue eyes & stare at her.  Ha!  Working the angles already, I guess!  Can’t be wrong if you don’t say anything!
Brand new five year old about to wake up!
Merritt left a present for her on the dresser.
  Blew out a candle with her breakfast.  I sang Happy Birthday to her, which she loved, & later I heard her singing it to herself in the bathroom.  Too cute!  She is the Shining Star at preschool this week.  Such a thoughtful idea to honor each child for one week throughout the year.
  June brought Harmon for her show-and-tell (the kids LOVED him, loved him too much!) & also her new binoculars from her Bodeker grandparents.  Everyone wanted to try them on & June, being the sweetie that she is, had no qualms with it.

Such big eyes June has!!!


June said we should take a selfie together, ha!

  Decorating for June’s birthday dinner.  On the menu, per her request: Veggie dogs with Ranch dressing, baby carrots, milk, and some chips.

  This isn’t working, Mom!I guess I’ll try two since one doesn’t work.
Gifts from Aunt Ellie, Uncle Paul, & cousin Theo.  
  Five!  I’m fairly certain she wished for either a pony or her mama to have another baby, a baby girl.  She has been praying to God lately for him to give her a baby sister…poor kid, she’s got some disappointment coming her way!
  Harmon was fairly pleasant during dinner (that’s a welcome change).  The best gift she got came this morning–she finally got to carry Harmon around!  I told her she could when she turned five.

 We love you, Junie Belle, our “bestest girl ever” & Papa Hammond’s “rock star”!

You are growing up to be such an interesting, awesome girl!


6 thoughts on “Five Years for the ‘Bestest Girl Ever’

  1. Happy birthday (belated!…but hey, extend the celebrations why not!) June!
    What a wonderful day of celebrations even if she didn’t get a pony or baby sister. I am sure holding that sweet boy in her arms made up for it. Besides, she can pop those things on her Christmas wish list now 😉
    I love the pictures of her in her dress in front of the door – her sweet nature shines so bright.

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  2. Happy happy happy birthday to my Junie Bug!!! Wish I could have been there for her celebration! She’s so grown up now, makes me cry! The pics of her are beautiful! Such pretty eyes! Enjoy that one – she’s growing up so fast!
    Love you guys! Nana/Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness she is 5?!?! How did that happen!!! She’s so so so beautiful!! Happy birthday Miss June! I especially love the pictures of her in her bird dress, the selfie with mom and the fact she brought Harmon for show and tell!!! What a fabulous birthday! Love you sweet June!!!

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