Yarn Along {baptism, wee envelope}

IMG_2623[1]I finished sewing the four vintage buttons onto Harmon’s baptism sweater (Ysolda’s ‘Wee Envelope’) at 6:30AM the day of the blessed event (March 6, 2016).  The service began at 10AM.

I live dangerously, apparently.

IMG_2624[1]Ginny’s yarn was a perfect choice for this sweater.  So soft!  I love love love it.  Wish I had more…I’ve got about 1/3 of the skein remaining.  I was hoping to use it for a pair of baby legwarmers, we’ll see.  Might have to be two-tone.

IMG_2625[1]Getting ready.

IMG_2627[1]He nursed right after I dressed him & promptly fell asleep.  I wanted a photo of him on top of my white comforter, awake, looking cute, ready for his big day…nope.  This had to do as we NEVER wake a sleeping Harmon, if we can help it–he hardly ever naps.

IMG_2628[1]I loved seeing his name (& my Grandfather’s!) displayed on the banner.

IMG_2626[1]He was a bit fussy during the baptism (which was basically the beginning of the service).  He did not like the water being poured on his head at all.  He didn’t really enjoy the minister showing him off to the congregation afterwards, either.  I took him to the nursery about ten minutes after it was all said & done & he fell asleep again.

IMG_2629[1]Harmon’s sponsors–Bailey & Coralee.  Such intelligent, kind, lovely ladies!


I did not make his cake, but she did & she’s awesome!  She made June’s cake, my nephew Theo’s cake, & now Harmon’s.


Flowers from my mom–Harmon seems to enjoy looking at this photo on my phone.  He also seemed to take a keen interest in staring at the real thing before they wilted & had to be thrown out.

IMG_2630[1]Harmon wore the sweater once more the week following his baptism.  (His new fascination is with his brother & sisters’ soccer balls.)  I should have knit it about 2-3 inches longer than called for in the pattern–I completely forgot in my rush to finish that Harmon has short legs & a crazy long torso!  The sweater is much too short now.  It barely worked for the baptism.  So sad!  But fear not, I have cast on another one & am all of five rows into it!  I’m knitting the next size up & will remember this time to lengthen the body for my elongated boy.

IMG_2631[1]My mother flew in from Tucson for the baptism–thank you so much for doing so, Mom!

IMG_2635[1]Harmon’s sweater looks quite sweet hanging on the wall in our/his (we co-sleep) bedroom now.  It would look better on Harmon, of course, but such is the life of a hurried/harried/knitting mama of four!

Joining in with Ginny!


33 thoughts on “Yarn Along {baptism, wee envelope}

    • All of our children have names and/or middle names from a relative, distant or otherwise. I don’t know how my husband and I would have come up with baby names without using family ones. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind comments!


    • She did not paint the robin, no, I think I bought it at an antique store in the Northwoods ages ago and carried it with me all over. Our home, however, is plastered with her bird drawings. It’s the gallery of Coralee around here–I think if bugs Merritt a bit, but it’s free art! πŸ˜‰


  1. Such a wonderful day it was – I love baptisms. AND I enjoyed seeing your ‘new’ church! Such kind people. So glad I got to be a part of this special day – Harmon is special, a true gift from God. Enjoy him – time is flying, and soon he’ll fly away! I can’t wait to see him again!
    Love you all – Nana/Mom

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  2. Congratulations! I love baptisms – welcoming a new child of God into the church is always such a joy.
    And the sweater is lovely! πŸ™‚ I made that pattern recently for some friends’ new baby, and he looked so cute in it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, what a special post, I’m so glad I stopped by. How incredibly special that he wore that sweater for his baptism and it looked like it was such a special day. I hadn’t really thought about when I had my kidlets baptised in a while… thank you for sharing special memories and helping me to remember some of my own.

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  4. Yay! You did it, I had no doubt πŸ™‚ The wee envelope looked amazing knit up in your Ginny yarn. Oh to have an endless supply! Maybe you could unpick the bottom seam and add some length? Mind you, it looks so special on display in his room. Lovely pictures to remember the day (and nap) with. My husband has fallen in love with the wee envelope and is wondering if I can knit one for Robin. Must check it out on Ravelry (thanks for adding me as a friend xx) -Tania-

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    • I have been debating that very suggestion, yes! I just can’t decide…I suppose being strapped for time would make me want to quickly alter it in that way and have a finished sweater lickety-split, but I am really enjoying it on my wall, lol. I hope you do cast on a Wee Envelope for R! You were right about the construction leading to zero gaping holes at the underarm–good call! But for some reason I had a hole on top of the shoulder transition…oh, well, it sewed up easy enough. Thank you for your sweet comments!


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