Yarn Along {woefully behind}

I wasn’t going to blog today…because I’ve barely knit a stitch on Harmon’s Wee Envelope.  Baptism this Sunday.  I am sick, feel like “death warmed up” as Emily Blunt’s character says in the film The Devil Wears Prada.  Harmon is on his third cold (or is it his first & it just won’t quit?!!!).  Crazy stuff keeps happening here this week.  Raccoon in the garage (that actually turned out to be a huge cat our own farm cats were afraid of…those boys are the epitome of scaredy cats), the garage door broke (sorry, honey!), no school days, snow, mud, more snow tonight, company coming, solo parenting…did I mention I’m sick?  Oh & Harmon has decided he doesn’t take naps, like, at all.  Fun times!  June just patted me on the back & said, “I know it’s hard being a mom.”  What a sweetheart!

We’ve been birding a lot the past week, despite all the never-ending sickness, & Coralee would like me to blog about all the lifers we’ve found…hopefully this weekend or maybe next week.  In the meantime, look at the awesome gift (photos below) Coralee, our artist, made for her soon-to-be-godson Harmon Hunter (we chose her & our 20yo niece as godparents/sponsors)….a homemade mobile using the plastic form from his car seat canopy!  Harmon loves it.  I soaked my sick self in a hot hot hot tub today while he stared at it.  Kids are amazing, aren’t they?

   Uh oh, I hear my alarm going off…Harmon’s crying & obviously awake from my gazillionth attempt to put him down for a nap today.

 Joining in with Ginny.


16 thoughts on “Yarn Along {woefully behind}

  1. I’m so sorry that instead of passing the sick is spreading. There is a package headed into the mail for your littles tomorrow, call it an exchange for the Aviatrix you sent for Felix. Hope it finds you all in better health.

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    • Oh, Katharine, that is so sweet of you! You definitely did not have to send us anything, but how exciting! We love getting snail mail that isn’t a bill! 😉

      Are you still readying for the new baby or has he made his appearance earthside? I hope all is going smoothly either way! xx


      • Finally logged in to wordpress on this new phone (after 6 months!) And found this message buried amongst others.
        Seeing as I’m not an elephant the baby is here now and already four months old. He is a delight.
        I hope you and yours are all doing just as well.

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  2. Oh Ruby, little Harmon is gorgeous!!! So filled out and growing like a weed! Time is flying……….enjoy every moment even if he’s sick! He looks so much like June when she was that age! Handsome man, little Harmon! See you soon!
    Love, Nana/Mom

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    • I need to weigh him today for his three month photos & blog post. I’m hoping he’s hit 11# by now. His extremities are still so skinny–no fat rolls anywhere! I think June had some rolls, Merritt probably not. Skinny Bodeker men! Can’t wait to see you, too! The kids are giddy with excitement. Merritt asks everyday when your flight lands.


    • He really is a serious little guy, very focused on whatever he currently has eyes for…he’s still congested (over a week later) but I feel spring is just around the corner around here…hoping for wellness, too!


  3. Oh, bless you. So sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rough. I am way behind on visiting you so hopefully you’re all better by now. I wonder if you finished the christening envelope? I’m happy to have had my cute Harmon photograph fix. Looking that cute I think I’d forgive his refusal to nap! Take care x

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