Yarn Along {dear baby…}

Dear Harmon (aka my baby who does not nap, at least not for more than an hour, combined, all day, unless I hold you continuously),

You will never have all the cute, popular-on-Ravelry, knit items for babies if you keep this non-napping schedule up…I hope you’re ok with that…you’re lucky you’re cute & smell amazing, like a baby.


Your Mom (aka the person who knits for you)

Pattern: Another Wee Envelope in Size 6-12months

Yarn: Quince & Co Chickadee in Belize

Quilt: Made By A Dear Friend & Master Gardener (& I Guess Master Quilter!) Who Rocks

Joining in with: The Lovely, Always Inspiring Ginny.


Five Years for the ‘Bestest Girl Ever’

 June turned FIVE on Monday!  Five!  I’m as surprised as anyone at how fast those five years flew.  June was a sweet baby & continues to be a very very sweet girl.  She is friends with everyone in her 4yo preschool class–her teacher, Mrs. Gerber, always tells me how nice & kind & friendly June is to all her classmates.  Always smiling.  Always happy.  Very VERY happy to learn.  Inquisitive.  Curious.  Good listener.  Follows the rules…wants others to follow the rules as well & kind of a stickler about it, yikes! 😉  Calm, collected, but fun.  She is kind of oblivious to the crazy in her classroom (there’s a lot of rambunctious kids in there)–she just does her thing & honestly doesn’t really care what others think about her...but she absolutely hates to make a mistake, a mistake she’s aware of, I mean.  If she doesn’t know how to answer something, Mrs. Gerber said she will just smile with her huge blue eyes & stare at her.  Ha!  Working the angles already, I guess!  Can’t be wrong if you don’t say anything!
Brand new five year old about to wake up!
Merritt left a present for her on the dresser.
  Blew out a candle with her breakfast.  I sang Happy Birthday to her, which she loved, & later I heard her singing it to herself in the bathroom.  Too cute!  She is the Shining Star at preschool this week.  Such a thoughtful idea to honor each child for one week throughout the year.
  June brought Harmon for her show-and-tell (the kids LOVED him, loved him too much!) & also her new binoculars from her Bodeker grandparents.  Everyone wanted to try them on & June, being the sweetie that she is, had no qualms with it.

Such big eyes June has!!!


June said we should take a selfie together, ha!

  Decorating for June’s birthday dinner.  On the menu, per her request: Veggie dogs with Ranch dressing, baby carrots, milk, and some chips.

  This isn’t working, Mom!I guess I’ll try two since one doesn’t work.
Gifts from Aunt Ellie, Uncle Paul, & cousin Theo.  
  Five!  I’m fairly certain she wished for either a pony or her mama to have another baby, a baby girl.  She has been praying to God lately for him to give her a baby sister…poor kid, she’s got some disappointment coming her way!
  Harmon was fairly pleasant during dinner (that’s a welcome change).  The best gift she got came this morning–she finally got to carry Harmon around!  I told her she could when she turned five.

 We love you, Junie Belle, our “bestest girl ever” & Papa Hammond’s “rock star”!

You are growing up to be such an interesting, awesome girl!

Yarn Along {baptism, wee envelope}

IMG_2623[1]I finished sewing the four vintage buttons onto Harmon’s baptism sweater (Ysolda’s ‘Wee Envelope’) at 6:30AM the day of the blessed event (March 6, 2016).  The service began at 10AM.

I live dangerously, apparently.

IMG_2624[1]Ginny’s yarn was a perfect choice for this sweater.  So soft!  I love love love it.  Wish I had more…I’ve got about 1/3 of the skein remaining.  I was hoping to use it for a pair of baby legwarmers, we’ll see.  Might have to be two-tone.

IMG_2625[1]Getting ready.

IMG_2627[1]He nursed right after I dressed him & promptly fell asleep.  I wanted a photo of him on top of my white comforter, awake, looking cute, ready for his big day…nope.  This had to do as we NEVER wake a sleeping Harmon, if we can help it–he hardly ever naps.

IMG_2628[1]I loved seeing his name (& my Grandfather’s!) displayed on the banner.

IMG_2626[1]He was a bit fussy during the baptism (which was basically the beginning of the service).  He did not like the water being poured on his head at all.  He didn’t really enjoy the minister showing him off to the congregation afterwards, either.  I took him to the nursery about ten minutes after it was all said & done & he fell asleep again.

IMG_2629[1]Harmon’s sponsors–Bailey & Coralee.  Such intelligent, kind, lovely ladies!


I did not make his cake, but she did & she’s awesome!  She made June’s cake, my nephew Theo’s cake, & now Harmon’s.


Flowers from my mom–Harmon seems to enjoy looking at this photo on my phone.  He also seemed to take a keen interest in staring at the real thing before they wilted & had to be thrown out.

IMG_2630[1]Harmon wore the sweater once more the week following his baptism.  (His new fascination is with his brother & sisters’ soccer balls.)  I should have knit it about 2-3 inches longer than called for in the pattern–I completely forgot in my rush to finish that Harmon has short legs & a crazy long torso!  The sweater is much too short now.  It barely worked for the baptism.  So sad!  But fear not, I have cast on another one & am all of five rows into it!  I’m knitting the next size up & will remember this time to lengthen the body for my elongated boy.

IMG_2631[1]My mother flew in from Tucson for the baptism–thank you so much for doing so, Mom!

IMG_2635[1]Harmon’s sweater looks quite sweet hanging on the wall in our/his (we co-sleep) bedroom now.  It would look better on Harmon, of course, but such is the life of a hurried/harried/knitting mama of four!

Joining in with Ginny!

Yarn Along {woefully behind}

I wasn’t going to blog today…because I’ve barely knit a stitch on Harmon’s Wee Envelope.  Baptism this Sunday.  I am sick, feel like “death warmed up” as Emily Blunt’s character says in the film The Devil Wears Prada.  Harmon is on his third cold (or is it his first & it just won’t quit?!!!).  Crazy stuff keeps happening here this week.  Raccoon in the garage (that actually turned out to be a huge cat our own farm cats were afraid of…those boys are the epitome of scaredy cats), the garage door broke (sorry, honey!), no school days, snow, mud, more snow tonight, company coming, solo parenting…did I mention I’m sick?  Oh & Harmon has decided he doesn’t take naps, like, at all.  Fun times!  June just patted me on the back & said, “I know it’s hard being a mom.”  What a sweetheart!

We’ve been birding a lot the past week, despite all the never-ending sickness, & Coralee would like me to blog about all the lifers we’ve found…hopefully this weekend or maybe next week.  In the meantime, look at the awesome gift (photos below) Coralee, our artist, made for her soon-to-be-godson Harmon Hunter (we chose her & our 20yo niece as godparents/sponsors)….a homemade mobile using the plastic form from his car seat canopy!  Harmon loves it.  I soaked my sick self in a hot hot hot tub today while he stared at it.  Kids are amazing, aren’t they?

   Uh oh, I hear my alarm going off…Harmon’s crying & obviously awake from my gazillionth attempt to put him down for a nap today.

 Joining in with Ginny.