Yarn Along {*knit 1 rnd, bounce baby, knit 1 rnd, bounce baby; repeat from *}

Harmon has had a tough week.  Very VERY colic-like for days & then yesterday he developed a low-grade fever, refused all napping, & has generally been as irritable as a caged wild bird.  I’ve hardly found a free moment to knit a stitch & his baptism is one week from this coming Sunday.  Time for drastic measures!  I managed to finish the second sleeve on his Wee Envelope one round at a time, in-between comforting tactics…he barely let me do that much.  I can only hope this next week finds him on an upswing temperament-wise.  Seems like all my babies have been grouchy during their baptisms, a change would certainly be welcome.

  I think spring is on the way…at least the season of mud is in full swing.  June enjoyed the last of the snow on Thursday before it melted (wearing my Wurm cap).  We saw a flock of Eastern Bluebirds as we hiked in the snow! Merritt helped with the dishes on Saturday.  All hands on deck when the baby’s not happy!
We are on the look-out for spring.

Joining in with Ginny.



18 thoughts on “Yarn Along {*knit 1 rnd, bounce baby, knit 1 rnd, bounce baby; repeat from *}

  1. What a treat to see all of your kids in this blog! Nana is happy! Can’t believe how fast all are growing – slow it down! Harmon looks like he is gaining weight too – good for him! Hang in there Rubes, you’ll finish the baptism outfit on time I have no doubt – you are super knitter extraordinaire! Enjoy your day! Nana/Mom

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    • I’m glad you noticed I included all of them this post–Coralee has informed me my blog is getting boring with all the photos of Harmon, ha! I think Harmon is still solidly around 10#, but he keeps growing longer. Hope you’re right about my knitting skills…


    • Me, too! I feel like I don’t accomplish nearly as much as many new mamas…but if I don’t at least knit a row a day or read a chapter or work in the garden for five minutes or bird out the back window…just do something non-childcare related I’ll go a bit crazy…hope that makes sense! πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Harmon, it sounds miserable for him. A touch of Spring would certainly lift the spirits, wouldn’t it? I am sure you will get there with his outfit – keep the faith Ruby! I replied to your comment about the Owlet with a few ideas and then I was thinking about it and I reckon you’d find it really straightforward to just size up to meet your girl’s measurements – as long as you increased the number of stitches across the arms and chest in denominations of 10 you’d be fine (10 = 1 owl). You may need a few extra decreases before working the neckline but nothing major. Hey, judging by the title of this post you are already a pattern writing expert πŸ˜‰ Hope you have a calmer week ahead.

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    • I so wish he would, Elizabeth, but he’s just not happy for long at all whilst being worn yet…but I keep trying. I’ve been using my Tula more and more and he seems to prefer that mode of being carried. Thanks for the advice! xx


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