Yarn Along {wee envelope, learning wee skills, & a wee little man}

  I began Harmon’s baptism outfit this past weekend using a skein of Ginny’s yarn from her last Etsy stocking.  I.love.this.yarn.  It is a baby-cheeks-soft, sport weight Merino wool dyed with black walnuts.  The subtle variation in the dye is exquisite, a beautiful heathered fawn.  I have never used a traditional white baptismal gown for any of my babies–I couldn’t afford one for Coralee, couldn’t find what I wanted for Merritt, & June’s was a knit (not by me!) acrylic disaster that nearly caused her heat stroke.  My plan is for Harmon to wear a white one-piece romper with these wee, fawn-colored moccasins &


this Wee Envelope sweater in Ginny’s yarn.  The construction of Wee Envelope by Ysolda (I love her blog!) is brilliant. It’s one piece, but begins at the left sleeve on dpns, progresses horizontally across the front & back yokes separately, & ends at the right cuff; the body is then picked up from the slipped edges & worked in the round to the hem.  An I-cord is worked along the neckline as you go & that, my knitting friends, is genius.

I made a mistake about here in the pattern. I attached the held front yoke stitches to the live back yoke stitches (using k2tog) at the right shoulder backwards accidentally & had to painstakingly rip that all back.  I’ve got it attached correctly now.  Next I knit down the right sleeve on dpns.

Harmon is learning some new skills this week, too!  He’s quite smitten with June’s new stuffed animal “Artic Wolf”–I think it’s those mammoth eyes.  He loves staring at it, but yesterday…

He grabbed it!  And he did so several times so I know it was a purposeful movement.  He’s 2.5 months & becoming such a big boy already.
I sure do love our wee little Harmon.

June heard the story of Zaccheus at preschool on Monday and she’s been telling us the story of the “naughty, wee little man”–she may have confused a few things, but she got the gist of it.

We had a wee bit of snow over the weekend.

And now we are working on a wee warm-up weatherwise.

Hope your We[e]dnesday is swell!

Joining in with Ginny.



20 thoughts on “Yarn Along {wee envelope, learning wee skills, & a wee little man}

  1. What a nice blog, Ruby! Sorry I had a hand in June’s ‘acrylic disaster’ baptismal gown! Too true!! I’m thinking with your exquisite knitting skills Harmon’s outfit will be just perfect for such a special day! Gorgeous little baby boy!!!

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    • Oh, I don’t blame you, El. It was a beautiful dress! Too bad the lady who made it used such a terrible non-baby-friendly yarn. I just hope I can get Harmon’s sweater finished in time. And thank you for giving me the idea to go this route and not feel like I have to use a traditional white gown. My little nephew looked adorable at his baptism! That was a great idea you had, Pastor El! πŸ™‚


    • Thank you, Ginny, for creating such a gorgeous product! I am very much enjoying my time knitting with it. I can’t think of a better skein of yarn to use for something as special as a baptism. Ginny yarn is a delight! xx


    • I know, right?! The Mocs are Freshly Picked. Apparently the company was featured on the TV show Shark Tank some time ago (not sure, but I’ve been told). They are a bit pricey for baby shoes (shoes that will never even be walked in), but I figure they will serve as a baby momento they are so well made & just plain adorable. I am sorry you were not able to knit for your own baby when she was little. Maybe a grandchild?


  2. Oh I love that yarn, I have a skein myself (same weight and colour) and I am not sure what to knit with it. Clearly I need myself a wee baby Harmon of my own so that I only need one skein πŸ˜‰ That pattern looks amazing (I wonder if it means you avoid the underarm holes that appear with other methods?)…although it sounds complicated to my simple mind but maybe that is because my baby woke up an hour early from ‘our’ nap! Sigh. Tania -Hedgerowharvest- (but you probably know this by now, right?! x)

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    • That’s so cool we both bought the same skein! Perhaps you could knit a wee sweater with it now & tuck it away for a future little Robin? I am wondering the same as you about the underarm holes..hopefully I’ll found out soon. Thanks for stopping by, Tania! xx


  3. Wow Harmon is growing up so fast! Grabbing for things already? Impressive! AND I love the outfit you’re making for him to wear to his baptism – so glad I’ll be there to see it! And take photos! I honestly don’t know how you get all this stuff done! You’re a wonder! Love all you little Iowans – Nana/Mom

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