Yarn Along {finished Pebble, seed savers, baby on the mend}

 I somehow managed to finish the Pebble Baby Vest I started last week in Quince & Co Lark (Honey colorway) despite Harmon’s severe cold.  I even got the vintage buttons sewed on Tuesday afternoon while Harmon napped passed out from his first set of immunizations earlier in the day.  Poor baby, he can’t catch a break this week; however, I’m happy to report he is on the mend today!  His cold symptoms are probably about 50% improved.  He just has to overcome all the drainage & coughing.  I really feel for parents who end up with a hospitalized newborn due to RSV.  Incredibly thankful we did not.

I finally finished Kingbird Highway & would like to post some of my favorite passages from the book, but that will have to happen next week. Coralee & I have been sorting out all our garden seeds from last summer, both those seeds we saved & those we just had left over, in order to place our annual order with Seed Savers (one of my favorite places to visit in Iowa).  We also use heirloom seeds as part of the work we do at the Richardson-Jakway Historic Site gardens (I serve on the site’s foundation board).  I’m excited for spring just looking at all our seed baggies & packets.

 Finished Pebble. 

Convalescing Harmon sleeping peacefully for a few hours Monday evening.

With Harmon on the mend I now need to turn my knitting attention/time to his baptismal outfit. I’m planning to use a special skein of Ginny yarn I snagged during her last Etsy stocking.  Speaking of…

Joining in with Ginny.


32 thoughts on “Yarn Along {finished Pebble, seed savers, baby on the mend}

  1. I made my son’s baptismal outfit also. His sister wore it two years later. I am hoping there will be some grandchildren that get to wear it in the future. So sorry he has been sick. He is so adorable.

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    • Harmon is my fourth and I was not happy with the outfits worn by any of my first three. Determined to get it right this time with my last & yes, me too!, pass it on to my grandchildren. Thank you for your kind words. xx


    • It always seems so early when the seed catalogs arrive in the mail, but I guess a lot of people start their seeds indoors and need 4-6 weeks. But I still can’t believe spring is only 4-6 weeks away! Yippee! Thank you, Heather, for your comments about Harmon. πŸ™‚


  2. Gary was on the Jakeway board as well, and my good friend, Micki, (Dan Cohen’s wife) planted the garden too. Any special plans for the property? Your vest is so cute and looks fun to make. We have never read Kingbird Highway, but will get it now! Have a great rest of the week!

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    • I didn’t know you were good friends with Dan’s wife–how lovely! The foundation is raising money for a big project coming up, but my mommy brain is causing me to completely forget what it is, how pathetic of me! The back porch is completely new in just the last year…argh, I’ll remember at like midnight tonight I’m sure. You and Gary definitely need to read Kingbird Highway. It is now one of my favorite books and I am certain I will read it again. Happy week to you, too, my friend!


    • Thanks, Kelli! I have wanted to knit a Cobblestone for several years and finally got around to it…too bad his tummy is way to big for it! He’s only 10 lbs at 2.25mos but that tummy is a beast. It was a fun knit though!


  3. So sorry to hear your little one is not feeling well!

    We ordered our seeds early this year, and we’re getting ready for planting. It makes winter somewhat more bearable.

    I have a baptismal gown that I started for our son who turns 16 this year. It was never made for any of the seven children that followed him, either. I just figure I’ll make it for a grandchild. πŸ™‚

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    • I agree about dreams of seeds and gardening making winter a little faster to pass. I love winter BUT with a newborn I’m ready for some warmer weather. I’m so sorry you were never able to finish your baptismal gown for your wee ones. Sounds like a great project to tackle someday for that first precious grandbaby. xx


  4. I remember RSV – It can be quite traumatic, even without a hospital stay. So glad your little one is on the mend. I wish I had been knitting when my daughter was that age. It might have helped with the anxiety a little. Love the vest! Super cute!

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    • I hope this is his only newborn illness–it’s so much worse when they’re this young. Thank you for your kind words! I wish I had knit a lot more when my oldest two were babies..trying to make up for it with my 4yo and Harmon now. I use knitting to calm my nerves, yes! Especially when I feel an OCD fit coming on (I have diagnosed OCD). Knitting truly helps me focus and see through the “clutter” sometimes. Glad it helps you, too! How do people exist without it? πŸ˜‰


  5. Oh sweet thing, glad he’s on the mend. I made very complicated Debbie bliss booties for my second baby’s christening. They were too big! Wishing you better luck!

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  6. That darling, gorgeous boy. That’s so hard on him…and you. The convalescence picture though….so very precious. Hope he recovers from his injections and illness very, very soon. Is the cobblestone vest pattern the same as the pebble vest? (Maybe I’m being a bit slow, sorry!) I really am tempted to try the pebble, it looks really complicated to me but perhaps it’ll click into place when I cast on. Have a happy week, mind you I hope to pop back soon 😊

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    • Yes, same pattern. For some reason I mixed up the title. And it’s not complicated at all I promise, just fussy work with all those buttons and button holes. Happy week to you as well, Tania! ❀


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