The Baby’s Sick

First cold.  Not a milestone I wanted Harmon to tackle at only two months of age.  We’ve been to the pediatrician twice–virus hasn’t traveled to the lungs at this point & praying it doesn’t.  RSV is no joke at Harmon’s age.  Last night was the worst night I have ever had with a newborn without a doubt.  But I’ve also never had a newborn in the germy winter months before so I’m experiencing this all for the first time as a fourth-time mom.  And it’s scary!  I think I’m ready for spring…

 Poor little guy, he feels awful but he’s trying to smile for mama.
 We’re not doing much of this.  Being upright seems to be helping Harmon nap a bit longer than he would be able to otherwise.  I’ve probably been holding him for 23 of the last 24 hours.  He’s been gagging on his mucus & throwing me into a panic.  Our pediatrician reassured me he cannot choke on mucus, but I still freak out when he starts gagging and doesn’t breathe.

Harmon pre-sickness. Hopefully he’ll be back to looking this happy & feeling this well soon!

If you’ve got some to spare, we sure would appreciate prayers for our Harmon Hunter.  Hopefully he’ll be back to being a Happy Harmon lickety-split!


9 thoughts on “The Baby’s Sick

  1. I’ve been wondering how Harmon is! I have been sending out little prayers for him – are his ears burning? He looks so sweet in these pics – hard to believe he’s sick….he looks so like his big sister June did at that age. I really see her little face in his. He’s such a handsome little guy – you’re doing a great job Ruby! He’s growing….
    No matter the sickness, it’s always worse at night….hug Harmon up for me!
    Love Mom/Nana

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  2. The dreaded RSV- isn’t just awful?! Sophia had it as a newborn and a 3 month old when we lived in NY- I thought I was going to dye, I was so worried. But she made it thru- twice. I ‘m sorry for you and for Harmon, I know this too will pass Ruby, hang in there- soon a little happy Harmon with emerge again:)

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    • Oh, no, twice for your girl???? That IS awful, Camilla. RSV is just so scary when they are this young. The worry, yes, that is the worst for me…my mind starts to go all sorts of worrisome places when babies are sick…thank you for your encouraging words, such a help you all are to me. Harmon was seen by the pediatrician today again & it looks like he is out of the woods, still congested, but mending. xxo


    • Ah, thanks for your concern, Ness! I do so appreciate the support you have all given me here on the blog since I gave birth to our newest little Iowan. Harmon is much better today, not completely well…I’d say about 65% there! He is happier and sleeping better at night, but still congested & coughing coughing coughing which makes him VERY mad. Then he throws up he’s so worked up. He’s got a lot of mucus so that’s mostly what he’s bringing up. Sorry for the graphic details! I really do appreciate your concern. xx


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