Yarn Along {a baby cap that fits, finally! plus a giveaway}

I finished Harmon’s Aviatrix No.6 at last and it fits!  So glad to finally move on to something else in the knitting department…I do love this pattern, but six is definitely enough for now.
I am a few pages shy of the end of Kingbird Highway (great review of the book).  I better hurry up, too, as I’ve run out of library renewals on it & I’ve already amassed over $10 in library fines lately.  Fail, I know.

I’m hosting a giveaway on the blog for Harmon’s Aviatrix No.5 until Friday.  Completely free!  Participate here!

Joining in with Ginny.


23 thoughts on “Yarn Along {a baby cap that fits, finally! plus a giveaway}

  1. The Aviatrix is my go to baby hat (especially since I work in the aviation industry)! I’ve made too many to count. And you know I can’t get a library book back on time to save my life. Which is to bad since my mom was a children’s librarian…


    • Mine, too! I bought the rights to sell from the publisher a few years ago & sold them in my etsy shop…I’ve probably knit close to 100 by now between the shop & personal knitting, time for me to branch out! Too funny about your own book renewal troubles–oops! I am a teacher by training so you would think I would know better as well! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  2. Is there a youtube section for beginners to learn like video demo? Looks like you are advanced knitters. Here. I wanted to learn how to make baby hats for preemies or something. Your all advanced and beautiful knitters. On my blog I am just learning like about 5 days.

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    • Hello Carol! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! I learned to knit from my mother & also a how-to book when I was a teen. YouTube is full of helpful knitting videos, yes! I would definitely start there. This looks like a good beginning video: https://www.youtube.com/user/knittinghelp

      The Aviatrix isn’t a terrribly complicated pattern to knit, but it uses short rows which is probably an intermediate skill. Good luck, Carol & thanks for commenting!


  3. So sweet! I have been eyeing that pattern up for a while but when I need a hat I always fall back on my go-to baby hat! Maybe I’ll have to really try this one out soon, it is too cute!

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    • I hope you do try the Aviatrix, Danna! It’s a wonderful pattern with a really great fit for babies. The strap keeps it from moving around too much and/or popping off. It’s the only cap Harmon can keep on in his carseat.


  4. You must be such a pro at that pattern – over 100?! I bet you can you do it with your eyes shut… now that would be a great skill to have as a knitting mum, wouldn’t it?! Hope you actually ARE getting some sleep at the moment, I’m going to scroll though and see if there are any colic updates in your blog. Harmon is looking as cute as ever – be still my beating heart Tania -Hedgerow Harvest-

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    • I have definitely mastered the Aviatrix pattern…sometimes in the evenings (well, before Harmon was born & I had time in the evenings) I would find myself nodding off in the chair whilst watching television with the hubby & knitting one of these caps…I would still be knitting! I really do need to move on! Yikes! Thank you for all your lovely comments, Tania. Harmon has come down with a nasty nasty cold right now–still contained to his head & not down in his lungs, thank goodness, it’s been quite a harrowing couple days here lately. Sick newborns are absolutely the hardest thing ever & I have no experience with it! None of my other kids were ever ill before a year of age…


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