Happy Two Months!

IMG_1990[1]Happy 2 Months, Harmon Hunter!

He’s definitely changing–face is much more filled out & growing significantly taller!  Current weight: 10# +/- an ounce.  He is still wearing newborn cloth diapers, but some of his small Sloomb flats/prefolds are too tight across his tummy & I’ve started using mediums.  His tummy is really big, sometimes I worry it’s bloated, but I think it’s normal.  Hope so!  He still has not had any immunizations–first appointment is next week.  We continue to exclusively nurse & he continues to have trouble with the let-down and chokes, gags, etc, despite me trying every suggestion know to man to combat this issue.  I really think he just needs more time to mature & he’ll handle it better.  His gas has slowed down a bit, but not by much.  His happiness seems to go in spurts–he’ll have a string of happy days with long, peaceful naps/content wakeful periods & then he’ll have a string of hellish days where I think he must have colic he’s so unhappy, crying constantly, sleeping for 10 minutes at a time all.day.long.  He likes to be upright & is getting more & more tolerant of the baby carrier.  I’ve even ventured outside twice now with him in the Tula & I think he enjoyed it.  He fell asleep, so that’s enjoyment, right? 😉

IMG_2001[1]I think this is his Rocky Balboa pose.

IMG_2002[1]He still clenches his fists quite a bit.  Coralee thinks it’s the cutest thing ever when he looks like this.

IMG_1965[1]He took the longest nap ever the first time he went outside riding in the Tula.  Three hours!  We walked to the end of the driveway to fetch Merritt from the bus.  It was cold & insanely windy, but his fleecey suit kept him cozy.


IMG_1962[1]June LOVES to read to him & Harmon is very, very interested in June.  He is content in her presence for quite a chunk of time.  She’s a great babysitter!



IMG_1950[1]This photo makes me swoon!  His face is so sweet & June loves him to pieces.  She continues to tell us God sent Harmon for her like God sent Merritt for Coralee. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_1952[1]I am, like every new mother, in awe how quickly two months passed us by…


7 thoughts on “Happy Two Months!

  1. Oh joy, those pictures are precious! Boy – do June/Harmon look alike! Wow oh wow, he has her nose! Too cute! And it is amazing how fast time flies – ask me, I’m 61 years old and sometimes I wake up and wonder – where did my life go? Now I get to watch my sweet grandchildren grow into adults – and Harmon is well on the way. Ha! Love them all Ruby, they are growing too fast. Is Coralee really going to be 14 in June?????
    Love Nana/Mom

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