Yarn Along {*knit 1 rnd, bounce baby, knit 1 rnd, bounce baby; repeat from *}

Harmon has had a tough week.  Very VERY colic-like for days & then yesterday he developed a low-grade fever, refused all napping, & has generally been as irritable as a caged wild bird.  I’ve hardly found a free moment to knit a stitch & his baptism is one week from this coming Sunday.  Time for drastic measures!  I managed to finish the second sleeve on his Wee Envelope one round at a time, in-between comforting tactics…he barely let me do that much.  I can only hope this next week finds him on an upswing temperament-wise.  Seems like all my babies have been grouchy during their baptisms, a change would certainly be welcome.

  I think spring is on the way…at least the season of mud is in full swing.  June enjoyed the last of the snow on Thursday before it melted (wearing my Wurm cap).  We saw a flock of Eastern Bluebirds as we hiked in the snow! Merritt helped with the dishes on Saturday.  All hands on deck when the baby’s not happy!
We are on the look-out for spring.

Joining in with Ginny.



Yarn Along {wee envelope, learning wee skills, & a wee little man}

  I began Harmon’s baptism outfit this past weekend using a skein of Ginny’s yarn from her last Etsy stocking.  I.love.this.yarn.  It is a baby-cheeks-soft, sport weight Merino wool dyed with black walnuts.  The subtle variation in the dye is exquisite, a beautiful heathered fawn.  I have never used a traditional white baptismal gown for any of my babies–I couldn’t afford one for Coralee, couldn’t find what I wanted for Merritt, & June’s was a knit (not by me!) acrylic disaster that nearly caused her heat stroke.  My plan is for Harmon to wear a white one-piece romper with these wee, fawn-colored moccasins &


this Wee Envelope sweater in Ginny’s yarn.  The construction of Wee Envelope by Ysolda (I love her blog!) is brilliant. It’s one piece, but begins at the left sleeve on dpns, progresses horizontally across the front & back yokes separately, & ends at the right cuff; the body is then picked up from the slipped edges & worked in the round to the hem.  An I-cord is worked along the neckline as you go & that, my knitting friends, is genius.

I made a mistake about here in the pattern. I attached the held front yoke stitches to the live back yoke stitches (using k2tog) at the right shoulder backwards accidentally & had to painstakingly rip that all back.  I’ve got it attached correctly now.  Next I knit down the right sleeve on dpns.

Harmon is learning some new skills this week, too!  He’s quite smitten with June’s new stuffed animal “Artic Wolf”–I think it’s those mammoth eyes.  He loves staring at it, but yesterday…

He grabbed it!  And he did so several times so I know it was a purposeful movement.  He’s 2.5 months & becoming such a big boy already.
I sure do love our wee little Harmon.

June heard the story of Zaccheus at preschool on Monday and she’s been telling us the story of the “naughty, wee little man”–she may have confused a few things, but she got the gist of it.

We had a wee bit of snow over the weekend.

And now we are working on a wee warm-up weatherwise.

Hope your We[e]dnesday is swell!

Joining in with Ginny.


Stamped with Love, Our Harmon~


I noticed Harmon’s strawberry hemangioma (extra blood vessels–temporary birthmark) the day we brought him home from the birth center.  I wasn’t sure what it was–a birthmark? an injury from delivery? did I do this?!!  It’s definitely grown since that day & now resembles a heart!  Our Harmon, marked/stamped/embossed/imprinted/howeveryouwanttosayit with LoVe.



I woke up like this, no stylist necessary. Smooch!

  • * * *

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yarn Along {finished Pebble, seed savers, baby on the mend}

 I somehow managed to finish the Pebble Baby Vest I started last week in Quince & Co Lark (Honey colorway) despite Harmon’s severe cold.  I even got the vintage buttons sewed on Tuesday afternoon while Harmon napped passed out from his first set of immunizations earlier in the day.  Poor baby, he can’t catch a break this week; however, I’m happy to report he is on the mend today!  His cold symptoms are probably about 50% improved.  He just has to overcome all the drainage & coughing.  I really feel for parents who end up with a hospitalized newborn due to RSV.  Incredibly thankful we did not.

I finally finished Kingbird Highway & would like to post some of my favorite passages from the book, but that will have to happen next week. Coralee & I have been sorting out all our garden seeds from last summer, both those seeds we saved & those we just had left over, in order to place our annual order with Seed Savers (one of my favorite places to visit in Iowa).  We also use heirloom seeds as part of the work we do at the Richardson-Jakway Historic Site gardens (I serve on the site’s foundation board).  I’m excited for spring just looking at all our seed baggies & packets.

 Finished Pebble. 

Convalescing Harmon sleeping peacefully for a few hours Monday evening.

With Harmon on the mend I now need to turn my knitting attention/time to his baptismal outfit. I’m planning to use a special skein of Ginny yarn I snagged during her last Etsy stocking.  Speaking of…

Joining in with Ginny.

The Baby’s Sick

First cold.  Not a milestone I wanted Harmon to tackle at only two months of age.  We’ve been to the pediatrician twice–virus hasn’t traveled to the lungs at this point & praying it doesn’t.  RSV is no joke at Harmon’s age.  Last night was the worst night I have ever had with a newborn without a doubt.  But I’ve also never had a newborn in the germy winter months before so I’m experiencing this all for the first time as a fourth-time mom.  And it’s scary!  I think I’m ready for spring…

 Poor little guy, he feels awful but he’s trying to smile for mama.
 We’re not doing much of this.  Being upright seems to be helping Harmon nap a bit longer than he would be able to otherwise.  I’ve probably been holding him for 23 of the last 24 hours.  He’s been gagging on his mucus & throwing me into a panic.  Our pediatrician reassured me he cannot choke on mucus, but I still freak out when he starts gagging and doesn’t breathe.

Harmon pre-sickness. Hopefully he’ll be back to looking this happy & feeling this well soon!

If you’ve got some to spare, we sure would appreciate prayers for our Harmon Hunter.  Hopefully he’ll be back to being a Happy Harmon lickety-split!

Yarn Along {a baby cap that fits, finally! plus a giveaway}

I finished Harmon’s Aviatrix No.6 at last and it fits!  So glad to finally move on to something else in the knitting department…I do love this pattern, but six is definitely enough for now.
I am a few pages shy of the end of Kingbird Highway (great review of the book).  I better hurry up, too, as I’ve run out of library renewals on it & I’ve already amassed over $10 in library fines lately.  Fail, I know.

I’m hosting a giveaway on the blog for Harmon’s Aviatrix No.5 until Friday.  Completely free!  Participate here!

Joining in with Ginny.

Happy Two Months!

IMG_1990[1]Happy 2 Months, Harmon Hunter!

He’s definitely changing–face is much more filled out & growing significantly taller!  Current weight: 10# +/- an ounce.  He is still wearing newborn cloth diapers, but some of his small Sloomb flats/prefolds are too tight across his tummy & I’ve started using mediums.  His tummy is really big, sometimes I worry it’s bloated, but I think it’s normal.  Hope so!  He still has not had any immunizations–first appointment is next week.  We continue to exclusively nurse & he continues to have trouble with the let-down and chokes, gags, etc, despite me trying every suggestion know to man to combat this issue.  I really think he just needs more time to mature & he’ll handle it better.  His gas has slowed down a bit, but not by much.  His happiness seems to go in spurts–he’ll have a string of happy days with long, peaceful naps/content wakeful periods & then he’ll have a string of hellish days where I think he must have colic he’s so unhappy, crying constantly, sleeping for 10 minutes at a time all.day.long.  He likes to be upright & is getting more & more tolerant of the baby carrier.  I’ve even ventured outside twice now with him in the Tula & I think he enjoyed it.  He fell asleep, so that’s enjoyment, right? 😉

IMG_2001[1]I think this is his Rocky Balboa pose.

IMG_2002[1]He still clenches his fists quite a bit.  Coralee thinks it’s the cutest thing ever when he looks like this.

IMG_1965[1]He took the longest nap ever the first time he went outside riding in the Tula.  Three hours!  We walked to the end of the driveway to fetch Merritt from the bus.  It was cold & insanely windy, but his fleecey suit kept him cozy.


IMG_1962[1]June LOVES to read to him & Harmon is very, very interested in June.  He is content in her presence for quite a chunk of time.  She’s a great babysitter!



IMG_1950[1]This photo makes me swoon!  His face is so sweet & June loves him to pieces.  She continues to tell us God sent Harmon for her like God sent Merritt for Coralee. ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_1952[1]I am, like every new mother, in awe how quickly two months passed us by…