Weekend with Bernie

This blog is about four little Iowans, so I’m thinking it’s safe to say readers realize I live in Iowa.  As an Iowa transplant (Wisconsinite by birth!) I am all caught up as of late in the crazy that is the presidential nomination season.  Coralee, Brian, Harmon and I went to see Bernie Sanders speak on Saturday in Manchester, Iowa.  None of us has actually ever attended a single campaign event EVER.  I find that pathetic as I take voting very very seriously.  So, despite the fact we have a slightly colicky 8 week old, I was determined to see at least one candidate in the flesh speak this go-around.  I’m not endorsing anyone yet, but I’m leaning towards Bernie.  I think. I don’t know!  My mind changes by the minute.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out before I caucus tomorrow night (with Harmon in tow, could be very interesting).  Here’s an explanation of the Iowa caucus in case you’ve ever wondered what in the blazes it is we do here every two years (yes, two).  Happy Caucus Eve!
This afternoon Brian and I went for a hike around our property with June and Harmon.  June led the way & she is a really good navigator!  Took us to all her “haunts” such as the place where “the owl killed the bird” (we think it was one of our neighbor’s farm ducks, yikes!).  The weather was quite warm, but breezy.  There is supposedly a giant snowstorm on the way scheduled to hit Monday evening late…I’ll believe it when I see it! 
 Not sure what the face I’m making is all about!  Harmon did really well bundled up in his Tula.

 I visited our filthy chicken run (by way of wading through the muddy moat) to check out Coralee’s show chicken for Fair this year. This is Frost all grown up and all filthy!  She is going to be a lesson in patience for Coralee keeping those feathers of hers constantly cleaned and groomed come the Benton County Fair in July…but Coralee’s definitely a thoughtful, purposeful, deliberate person like her Daddy, so I have no doubt she’ll do great!

Not much left in the slop bucket for you, Frost!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

UPDATE: I did indeed caucus for Bernie, but, unfortunately, in my precinct of roughly 70ish folks, Bernie only carried enough votes for 1 state convention delegate to Hillary’s 3.  The lone person that wanted to caucus for O’Malley went with Hillary almost instantly.  My county overall went Hillary.  The statistical tie between the two candidates overall in Iowa, however, is quite exciting!  I definitely think my vote mattered & the race is on!  In terms of the blizzard bearing down on Iowa, Storm Kayla is proving a flop where I live.  We might get an inch or two of snow and then rain after that…bother.

Caucusing in a school library.




4 thoughts on “Weekend with Bernie

    • Our chicken run and our yard is a MESS. We actually use our run as a compost dump, basically. If the chickens don’t eat it, they at least trample all over it and grind it into the dirt. The only thing I keep out is eggshells and coffee grounds and chicken, lol, I can’t square feeding leftover chicken to chickens. So awesome you like Bernie, too! We are two peas in a pod, my friend. xxo


    • I wish we were in the same precinct, Linds!! Marty is caucusing but for Hillary so I can’t hang with her, either. We need to create a knitting commune somewhere and all live together. 😉


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