First Smile!

Following a multiple-diaper-changes morning consisting of grunting, snorting, oinking, squeaking, gurgling, etc (you get the picture), we were rewarded with Harmon’s first real smile!  We’ve been catching him sort of smiling for a few days, but I’m calling it–this is it!  Hooray!  (Eight weeks old this past Tuesday.)

A Very Happy Harmon Hunter!


5 thoughts on “First Smile!

  1. Oh good grief, he’s so so cute!!!!! Wow how did you get such a good picture and his clothes are so cute too!!! My mother always said that babies turn into little people between 2 & 3 months, and she’s right! Now you can interact with him more! He’s growing like a weed. I miss him so. Love you all!

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    • That sounds like something Grandma Voeltz would say! I LOVE her little bits of wisdom, such an awesome lady. I snapped like 5000 photos to get this one. I could tell he was going to try & smile like he’s been doing for several days as he was cooing & making lots of eye contact with me…& then he did it! Kid of blurry, but it works! xx


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