Yarn Along {not much doing}


Not much knitting happened this past week, nor reading.  I am *almost* finished reading Kingbird Highway.  My enjoyment of this book increases with each passing chapter.  Kaufman’s trip to Alaska has been my favorite section thus far.  I am up to the middle chapters of Silent Spring & continue to work on the study guide for it as I go along (as part of Coralee’s homeschool curriculum).  No.6 Aviatrix ravelry notes here.


It snowed Monday evening three whole inches!  I know, that’s nothing compared to the 40+ received on the East Coast this past weekend, but we’ve had very little snow this winter in Iowa.  Three inches may be paltry, but it didn’t seem to stop the roads from going to pot around here…I barely got Merritt to the bus Tuesday morning as our rural road was still not plowed & my little Ford Focus is so low to the ground.


Early morning–pardon my everything!

Here’s the reason not much doing around here…Harmon has been getting, I’m afraid to admit, colicky.  Merritt had TRUE COLIC for almost a year as a baby, so I don’t want to say Harmon has colic if he’s just having a string of bad days.  I’m not sure what is going on at this point.  He’s definitely possibly heading that way…every evening, like clockwork, for the last week he shrieks, screams, bawls, you name it, he’s not happy & wants us to know it for over three hours.  He won’t nurse during these fits at all which isn’t helping.  He’s been sleeping on me for most of the night, too.  He will not sleep any other way…


Waking up is like exiting a tornado.  I know we slept, but I feel worn out & obviously he does, too.  He rubs his face on me all night & that leads to some rash flare-up by morning.


He seems to need constant attention all day in order to be happy.  He does have some happy moments, but still no smiles.


Not much napping &, therefore, not much knitting.


Trying to enjoy the present with an eye to the future & fingers crossed we don’t enter true colic territory…I’ve been there, I would prefer no repeat visits!

Joining in with Ginny.


17 thoughts on “Yarn Along {not much doing}

  1. I’m so sorry to hear Harmon is having some trouble sleeping. My fingers are crossed that it’s just a phase! I remember going to help my SIL with her first born when he was around Harmon’s age — I walked through the door and he was screaming and everyone (SIL, BIL, MIL) was at wit’s end so I got the hand-off immediately. A little rocking in a colic-friendly hold and he was asleep. Honestly, though, I think it had more to do with extreme luck and the fact that I was well-rested than anything else. Wish we lived closer so I could help get you some nap time!

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    • I think it is just a phase! He had a week of crap and now the last two days have been much much better. Whoo hoo! Thanks for your encouraging words, Sarah, keeping me positive makes everything run smoothly. And I would absolutely take you up on that offer to babysit during mama nap time if you lived nearer to me! One can dream…

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  2. Oh Ruby, how I love to see my beautiful daughter holding her newborn – he looks a lot like June now! Really! And he’s filling out so well….it’s obvious you are taking great care of him (as usual). Will have to print that pic off and look at it daily. Lovely post – you do a great job with these. I personally LOVED LOVED LOVED the snow!

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    • His face and belly are most definitely filling out, ha! His legs are total chicken legs still…like his daddy, I guess. If you loved that snow pic stay tuned next week…we are supposed to get WALLOPED with a giant snowstorm Monday evening thru Wednesday!


  3. Oh, I hope he gets over this soon and easily! Our second son didn’t quite have colic, but for three to six months he had a couple/few hours at night when he was just inconsolable. It’s hard.

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    • It is SO hard, yes. Sometimes I look at him while he’s bawling and inconsolable and tell myself out loud–he’s the cutest thing ever, even when he cries, I love him so much…pumping myself up, I guess, to get through it…crying babies are a lesson in patience and perseverance for sure. Thank you for your encouragement!


  4. Big hugs to you both. My two babies did the same thing from 6 pm to 10pm every evening. What worked one night didnt the next. Swing…fan in the bathroom….
    But, they didn’t get full blown all day colic. I had to give up a few foods: chocolate, green peppers to name a few. Oh and milk. You know you dont have to drink milk to make milk….My kids did better when my dairy intake was limited. GOOD luck.

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    • I did the same thing–no dairy anymore at all. I’m trying to even eliminate hidden dairy, but that is so hard for a native Wisconsinite like me, ha! Oranges and beans make him really gassy, too. Keep on keeping on…I know these days go way too darn fast and I need to just relax and live in the moment. xx


  5. Oh but Harmon is so so so so SO SO SO gorgeous. Ahhhh. Loving my weekly fix this week! So sorry to hear about the potential colic, that is very hard on a mama and her babe. Fingers crossed it passes. If it is any consolation, my boy is 15 months and still will only sleep if he is attached on me for naps and through the night. On the whole I am so grateful for this closeness. Like you, come the morning, I know we have slept even if it doesn’t feel like it. But it’s a restless sleep and usually involves me lying in some contorted pose while the wee man sleeps peacefully. Sigh! By the way, love the diaper bag and it looks so organised. I would be ashamed to take a picture of the state mine is now in. I think half the missing items from our house are hanging out in there! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on the Owlet too. Hope the next few days go easier for you both. Tania, Hedgerowharvest

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    • You are so sweet with your comments about Harmon, thank you, Tania! I hear you on the crazy nighttime sleeping positions with a little one! I just want to sleep on my stomach again and I can’t…someday….too funny about your diaper bag! Mine usually is a disaster, too…gotta look good for the blog/knitting photos, ha! Your owlet is gorgeous. It’s on my list to knit now because of you! Happy weekend! xx


  6. Oh goodness, I have been there with the colic! A baby sling saved me. She was happy against me all day and I got some stuff done. And my girl slept on me for many months at night. It was the only way to get any sleep. It’s so hard! But it is just a season. Hang in there!

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    • Thank you for your comments! I so appreciate the support! Harmon is getting more tolerant to being in the baby carrier…hoping I can get things done so with him in there like you said. I’m thinking the sleeping on me thing is for the long haul…I will savor the baby snuggles! 🙂


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