ikabags review {& a thank you!}

IMG_1805[1]My parents gifted me an Etsy gift certificate for Christmas this year–one of the best gifts I’ve ever received at Christmas!  I could spend hours perusing the shops on the site…favoriting lovely things & creating treasury lists…I guess it’s my version of Pinterest as I do not use any social media outside of WordPress.  Anytime I need a special gift for someone, to Etsy I go!  I’ve had my eye on an ikabag since before June was born, but never purchased mostly due to the price & the international shipping charges.  These bags are made in Paris, France by a one-woman show.  The craftsmanship is excellent.  She doesn’t cut corners anywhere.  The material is sturdy, but machine-washable, as well as water-resistant & ironable.  The leather strap (I chose blue) is detachable & is worn across the body messenger-style.  There are ten pockets inside made of waterproof cotton & a clip to attach your keys.  I’m in love with this bag & so happy I was able to purchase one with my last little one.  I’ve had far too many diaper bags & “diaper bags” to count starting back in 2002 with my first baby.  I truly think I’ve settled, finally, on a bag I like & will use.

Thank you so much, Mom & Dad! xxoIMG_1801[1]

This is how the package arrived (it took roughly a week once it shipped & only a few days to ship once my order was placed, even with the alterations and add-ons I made).  Isn’t the presentation beautiful?  The dried branch smelled divine!  No clue what it is, something French!IMG_1800[1]




I can fit all this (& probably more) inside with ease.  My bins lay on top of everything so I didn’t include those in the stuffed photo below.  Harmon is mostly using disposable diapers when we go out for extended periods of time…eventually we will switch over to all cloth (once he stops pooping 12+ times a day!) & fitting his cloth diapers inside will be no problem.  I’m thinking I could comfortably go out with 3-4 of his fluffy newborn fitteds/prefolds and a couple wool covers (in addition to all pictured above).IMG_1808[1]

I LOVE when a bag stands up on its own!

I chose an inside zippered pocket as an add-on.  This is the only zipper.  The top is held together with a sturdy snap (it’s heavy-duty).  I inadvertently got some dirt on the back of the bag from the siding while photographing it & it wiped clean off with ease!  I am a clean freak, but I have no worries that this bag will not stay clean, especially since its machine-washable.IMG_1806[1]

Link to the shop here.  She has over 100 bags to choose from–different fabrics, shapes, sizes, etc.

ikabags are not marketed exclusively as diaper/nappy bags.  This bag will rock as a knitting bag once the babies grow up around here, but I can wait awhile for those days.

Shameless baby pic to end.  (I realize it’s silly all the things we think we need when we have a baby…)


Thank you, Nana & Papa Hammond!


10 thoughts on “ikabags review {& a thank you!}

  1. What a practical and beautiful bag. I remember my diaper bag from Lands End- had that “sturdy” diaper,suitcase I can fit the whole house in here aaannd snacks- I hated lugging that ugly thing around. Your is so chic and sporty.
    – nice gift, great parents!

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    • Too funny, Camilla, because I had the same bag! With Coralee we had the navy blue Land’s End diaper bag and it was a beast, you’re right! With Merritt I think I bought the Land’s End messenger style diaper bag and that really wasn’t big enough but I was so tried of my massive bag by that point. My parents were too sweet to give me such a nice gift, I do so appreciate it. 🙂


  2. I agree — that will make an amazing knitting bag one day — I love that there are washable/waterproof ones. I think we both spend enough time outside to really appreciate that aspect! Thanks for putting it on my radar. At some point maybe I’ll deserve a treat — you definitely do though! Glad you’ve been spoiled a little! 😉

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      • I have one in my Etsy Wish List now. 😀 I’ve been using a Duluth Pack bag my hubby got me as a purse for YEARS and some of the canvas is just starting to wear. I love it, but it’s just a bit small to be able to pack knitting & optics. Someday….

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      • Duluth Pack bags last forever! We have my dad’s Duluth Pack scouts he used for years (30+) whilst canoeing/portaging in the BWCAW and I don’t think they will ever die. They smell now (that great camping gear stink) and aren’t anything pretty to look at anymore, but they’re fully functional. Great brand!

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  3. Oh wow oh wow Ruby that is one BEAUTIFUL bag!!! I want one! You picked a really pretty bag with our gift card. Thanks so much for showing me what you purchased – I appreciate it! And you are welcome for the gift, I aim to please! Ha! Love you all – picture of my little man at the end sure is cute – sleeping so peacefully!
    Love Mom/Nana

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