How we homeschool in the fourth trimester…

  My side table, pardon the tissue–real life.  If you happen upon Harmon’s missing SmartWool sock, please text me!June waiting patiently for lunch while Coralee & I finish our discussion. 
Multi-tasking.  Coralee discussing her reactions to chapter one of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring with me in the nursing chair in my bedroom.  Most of our fourth trimester days seem to be spent in this space.
  June rocked Harmon to sleep all by herself!
  [My all-time favorite newborn outfit…I will be so sad when he outgrows it.  My cousin from Oklahoma passed it down to me for Merritt in 2005, but the weather was too warm for him to ever wear it.  It’s quilted & so cozysquishyyummysoft.]
Research.  Coralee began working on her Junior Duck Stamp entry this week.  Lots of art going on in our fourth trimester days because it’s plain old easy & requires little input/prep from me.
We’re focusing on art/writing, chemistry, and lit for the rest of this winter.  Online Lightning Lit 8 starts next month.  Silent Spring is part of her chem work but obviously falls across multiple subjects.  I’ve created a study guide by utilizing various sources as well as my own work.  I’ve only typed it up through chapter 3 so it’s a work in progress, but you’re welcome to it here and here if you like–good for middle school+.  The formatting is really wonky in the upload, if you leave a comment with your info I can email the pdfs directly.

Trickier days ahead as my daycare child starts back with us February 1st…to be continued…


2 thoughts on “How we homeschool in the fourth trimester…

  1. I can’t believe how Harmon has grown – seems like he has grown between the pictures in this post and Wednesday’s Yarn Along! Coralee’s duck art is beautiful. I hope things adjust easily when daytime household expands again. Have a happy week and thank you for my daily baby fix pictures! -Tania @ HedgerowHarvest-

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    • He has definitely changed greatly in just a few days! It’s funny how we don’t notice it as parents until we look at photos! I want him to both slow down and speed up a little…would really like him to get to that point where he smiles purposefully…but I can wait….my last baby and all. xx


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