Yarn Along {another aviatrix & the littles bond}

 I knit another Aviatrix cap for Harmon this past week.  My Quince & Co Chickadee in Belize was just too tempting to ignore anymore, plus Harmon did not like the yarn I used on his Aviatrix cap from last week.  It was a fairly scratchy yarn (a Knit Picks Peruvian wool), but I liked the color so much I took a chance.  Nope.  He screamed until I took it off, several times, but had no trouble wearing any of the other hats I had knit for him prior to his birth (all in softer yarns).  His earlobes stick out a smidge from this new cap (he’s got fairly big ears), so I cast on a third Aviatrix in some baby alpaca from the bottom of my deep stash.

Picked up a new book at the library for Coralee to read–Kingbird Highway, but it looks so good I’m reading it first.  Here’s a great review of it from Smithsonian.com:

This book is only tangentially about birds. Kingbird Highway is really about monomania. It is 1973: psychedelically painted VW vans pump out Jefferson Airplane tunes. Drivers flash peace signs. Beside the highway stands a Jesus look-alike, thumb out.

Kenn Kaufman certainly had the au courant long hair and beard, and hobo couture. But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold. His ornithology fixation had already set in by his ninth birthday, when Kaufman’s family moved from South Bend, Indiana, to Wichita, Kansas. En route he discovered hitchhikers, those traffickers in his future modus operandi. “Was there something wild, something from outside my comfortable world, in those faces?” he wondered. But mostly the boy in the backseat scanned fences, wires, the tops of elms. He had “a mission, a passion: I was watching for birds.”

Other boys idolized halfbacks or shortstops. Little Kenn’s hero was Roger Tory Peterson, the bird-book man. Kaufman was an honors student. But at age 16 he quit school to chase birds. Among the few rules his trusting parents imposed was “no hitchhiking.” But birding via Greyhound palled. He soon joined the roadside thumbers.

I’m itching to begin reading, but haven’t found the time yet.   Harmon’s face is loads better this week!  Most of that awful rash is gone, now he just has some peeling skin.

June has been such a good helper lately.  Harmon is starting to interact with us more & June loves it!  She will sit with him in her lap for as long as Harmon will cooperate, playing with his feet, his hands, singing to him, “reading” to him, tell him stories.  Makes your heart melt watching her.
  Oh, hi Mom!
She really tires him out sometimes!  Once Harmon starts to fuss, June will instantly say, “Mom, Harmon needs to eat!” & we end up like this again.  Newborn snuggles.  I’ve got to start remembering to leave my knitting within arm’s reach..

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29 thoughts on “Yarn Along {another aviatrix & the littles bond}

  1. Oh what a lovely surprise to see this morning – I love the pics! Your little boy is growing so fast…..take lots of pictures. June OBVIOUSLY adores him….good to see! He’s a sweetie – his face is filling out more and more. He’s a keeper! Love you guys.
    Mom/Nan Hammond

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  2. I need to pick up a knitting project again. Especially since it’s very windy outside and we received a fresh dusting of snow overnight. Perfect knitting conditions 😉 And Mari is very sick. So we’re bed bound. Love seeing June and Harmon together! Thanks for sharing. 💜

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    • It does sound like the perfect conditions to make up a cup of tea and knit the day away…I’m so sorry to hear about Mari! I hope it’s something she can fight off quickly? Spending the day in bed is a good remedy. Much love your way! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. love that hat! I favorited it. I dont have littles but someday it will be sweet on the grands 🙂 Glad his little face is better. Love the pics of your sweet babes together. I am using some of the knit picks peruvian and it is scratchy…especially if its directly on the skin. Its pretty tho!

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    • I agree, I do like KP’s Peruvian, especially for fingerless gloves…not sure what I was thinking using it for newborn knitting…hoping to indoctrinate him early? Lol. Aviatrix is a wonderful pattern for baby gift knitting! I hope you use it someday. The pattern actually goes all the way up to adult if you wanted to get a head start. 😉


    • Thank you, Donna! He’s still experiencing flare-ups in various places on his face but nothing anywhere as severe as last week. I love what you wrote–make Harmon a happy man–I’m going to be repeating that often around here now…especially when little hands get too close/rough…I’ll kindly remind him/her that’s not making Harmon a happy man. xx 🙂


  4. Precious, precious photos! My great-great-grandfather’s name was Harmon and I’ve not ever run across it again. I see lots of fun times in store for that brother and sister!

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    • Oh my goodness, really???? MY Harmon’s great grandfather was named Harmon–my father’s father. He was born and raised in east Tx. I’m so glad you shared your Harmon story! A bit worried my grandfather maybe had a made-up name as it seems to not exist anywhere else. I do love it so much–unique, but not out there and from what my aunt has told me, Grandfather Harmon was the kindest man on the planet. Never met a stranger, she said, and saw only the person inside no matter what was on the outside.

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. xx


      • Well….my Harmon’s last name was Elkins and he, I believe was in northeast Louisiana….. not too far from east Texas and I know some of the family moved to Texas..


      • That’s interesting, perhaps it was a regionally popular name at that time? My Harmon’s last name was McAllister and I think the family came from Alabama before Harmon was born. Learn something new everyday!


      • Mine came from Alabama, too! I’ve often seen that they would name their children after an officer they served under in the Civil or Revolutionary War. How very interesting. Well….it’s nice to meet you!

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  5. These pictures are such a delight and I am a cluck cluck clucking! Harmon is just adorable and how lovely to see June loving on him. Your Aviatrix is delicious. I love the look of that pattern and hey, third time lucky! (I know that third time lucky gig with hats!) Have a lovely week of baby snuggles with your sweet boy ~Tania, HedgerowHarvest~

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    • I really do hope third time is a charm but the alpaca I’m using is 100% alpaca and as such has little retention…looking to be a smidge too big…might be heading toward a fourth! Thank you for your sweet comments! Xx


  6. I adore the photos of your kids bonding! Aldo had zero interest in Delia as a baby, but every once in a while I catch them holding hands as they walk ahead of me on the trail. How wonderful that she is so involved!

    Oh, and Kingbird Highway is one of my favorite books of all time – I actually met Kenn Kaufman when working at a birding festival once and I had to reign in my fan girl! My husband has recommended Tales of a Low-Rent Birder, too, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. Hawks in Flight is another fantastic book for birders – Aldo reads a chapter here and there for school. 🙂

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    • Merritt seems to have zero interest in Harmon, too, and he had none in June, either. I hope someday he develops a good brotherly relationship with him, but they’re a decade apart…my husband is 10 years younger than his brother…they get along fine, but just don’t really do much together. So many ages to juggle around here. Your kids always look so happy together on the blog. Coralee and Merritt are definitely best friends.

      I am LOVING Kingbird Highway! My kids received field guides signed by Kaufman and I’ve been curious about his story ever since. Thanks for the book recs! I’m re-reading Silent Spring for Coralee’s chemistry work right now, too, but I’ll be checking your suggestions out soon.


      • I seriously don’t know how you do it with the age ranges you have. I can imagine it must be refreshing but also make you feel stretched in a lot of directions. My kiddos definitely get along very well most of the time, a thing for which I’m very thankful! It’s awesome that Coralee & Merritt are close, too! I think sometimes with boys it just takes a little longer for those bonds to form – your family is tight-knit so I bet Merritt and Harmon become best of friends, too, maybe different than Coralee & Merritt, but still very good.

        I haven’t read Silent Spring since college! I should do that! Unfortunately I just don’t get much time to read with the kids here all day. Someday…


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