Yarn Along {our days, the fourth trimester}

Our fourth trimester days don’t include much knitting (as is to be expected), but I did manage to finish an Aviatrix cap for Harmon this past weekend & somehow sewed the pearly antique buttons on it yesterday…in-between fits of crying & epic nursing sessions & five-minute baby naps.

I knit a tiny pair of fingerless gloves eons ago for my etsy shop that went unsold–a tiny treasure knit in Madelinetosh that fits Harmon perfectly (& basically acts as a pair of mittens at this point…which is good as he has the tendency to scratch his face).

I also change a lot of diapers.  A LOT.  I thought it quite poetic that his cloth diapers (Sustainablebabyish Snapless Minis) match the yarns I’ve been working with these days.

This blue-green Belize skein of Quince & Co Chickadee has been following me around inside various bags for months…it’s time it became a soft, squishy hat for Harmon.  Or maybe June.  Not sure yet…I’ll probably carry it around for another string of months…

Harmon has broke out in a horrible red, raw, peeling, weeping rash all over his face (this is in addition to his baby acne).  His pediatrician thinks it’s a combination eczema/cradle cap rash (yes, on his face).  It flared up something awful overnight Monday night.  Woke up Tuesday to a swollen-shut left eye & a close second right.  He was basically a pile of misery all day Tuesday.  Cried most of the day…or nursed…or poo’d…or tried to nap, but kept waking himself up with gas.

 I’ve been drinking gallons of tea & living in the rocking chair in our room & armchair birding.  The birding scope is set up in the master bedroom now so it’s quite easy to watch the feeders.  Most times my tea gets reheated in the microwave like eight billion times before I finally manage the time to finish it.

A new feeder bird appeared on Tuesday–a Song Sparrow.  Coralee was rather pleased to add this species to our Feederwatch data this season.  A second showed up later in the day.

Coralee.  Data driven.  She went outside several times & played owl calls in the vicinity of the feeders, hoping to attract a perturbed Brown Creeper–no luck, yet.

My days are filled with diapers.  But at least when you use cloth/wool they’re cute to look at…& fold.  

Harmon is fitting better in our Tula this week & THANK GOD as he’s not really happy at all & I have four kids to take care of & only two hands.

This is the little sprite I’m worried about…she told me recently, “Harmon took all my ‘tention [attention].”  But she also said he needs lots of ‘tention so it’s ok.  She’s just too young to hang with the big kids all the time & waiting for Harmon to grow up & be her best friend [her words] is hard.

A Lady-in-Waiting.

Our days are just packed, as Calvin would say [Calvin & Hobbes], but it seems nothing gets done.  Fourth trimester problems.  I am trying very hard to drink it all in…

Joining in with Ginny.


28 thoughts on “Yarn Along {our days, the fourth trimester}

  1. Oh Ruby====such lovely pics again! Your little guy is so so sweet – even with his skin problems!!!! I’ve been waiting for Harmon to get a little bigger so you could carry him around with you = you did that with the others too. Four children is quite a handful, but I have no doubt in my mind that you can handle it!!! Right? Love you all.


    • Boy, I hope so…it’s been pretty crazy around here the last couple days. Fingers crossed he isn’t developing colic & it’s just a cranky couple of days for him…he’s still a bit to small to wear comfortably as I have to support his head with at least one hand…but I guess it frees up 50% of my hands! Ha!


  2. Oh, your poor wee one and you too. I do hope he is feeling better today and things are easier. I remember those days when all my babies were small, I have five, and know while they are wonderful, they are also very tiring.
    Your knitting is so pretty. I love to baby knit, it is the most special of knits I feel.

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    • His face is looking a trifle better today, yes! The swelling is still present on his left eye but it’s definitely improved. I absolutely agree, baby knitting is the best! I just wish we had more time for it when we actually have the babies…always seems like they grow long before we can knit all the precious items we want to for them. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  3. I am sorry your dear boy had a rough time recently! I hope everything will be back on track as soon as possible! Love your knitting and I can’t stop looking at this skein by Quince & Co! I’ve never knit with this brand, but it looks so delicious!

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  4. You look like you’re doing incredibly well. Tula is adorable, look at that smile! I hope things get easier – I love that you are watching birds while you sit, what a beautiful thing to do. Good luck attracting the Brown Creeper!

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    • I will pass on your good tidings to my daughter–she has spotted the Creeper in the woods once this season, but would very much like it to visit our feeders. I agree, a Tula Baby Carrier is super cute. When I saw the company was producing an Alpaca themed one, I felt it was meant for me, lol. With four kids I didn’t have to purchase much, so a new baby carrier seemed like an ok splurge this go-around. Thanks for stopping by the blog!


  5. Adorable pictures, those cloudy hazy days of a newborn are unlike any other. I love all your birding; it is something I would like to add more into our family life but am not entirely sure how. Starting a list of birds spotted is a good idea!

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    • I think you would like FeederWatch, Sarah, if you are new to birding and want to make it a family activity. Here is a link: http://feederwatch.org/about/ It’s not too late to sign up this season still! Basically you watch birds at a feeder(s) in your yard two consecutive days per week from roughly Nov-April, compile the data, and then submit your data weekly online to the Cornell Lab. I have been participating since my eldest (almost 14) was a toddler (and before we could submit electronically and had to use paper/pencil & mail the forms in at the end of the season). My kids & I have learned so much about birds and birding and the science of data collection during that time. I hope you check it out! Thanks for stopping by the blog. xx


  6. Ruby! I just can’t believe that’s your little guy! Wow, he’s growing up so fast! I hardly recognize him from Christmas! His features are so sweet and so YOU! I do hope his poor face heals fast. These are tough days, to be sure, but you’re all getting through them together.

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    • His face is loads better today, El, thanks for your comment/concern! I finally broke down and used some Hydrocortisone as recommended by his pediatrician (no more than 5 applications) and it’s improved well over 50% today. Now he’s developed cradle cap on his scalp, but mineral oil and combing seems to be working against it. His face just has too many problems going on at once…I think he just experienced an allergic reaction when he puffed up so badly.


  7. Ruby, the pics are great, as always. Your selfie shows some sadness. From my perspective you are doing well. I liked the scope photo and the June photo, She truly is a rock star in the making. So grown up for a 5 year old. Harmon will survive; too bad it has not been easy so far. Tell Coralee I am sending results for a CBC this past Saturday about 35 miles north of here, just beyond Oracle on the San Pedro River..


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    • June always says “Papa thinks I’m a rock star”–she loves that! Coralee received your emails (as did I) and will send you a reply soon. She’s at class in town today for most of the day. Wish we could have accompanied you on your CBC! Maybe nest year…I was telling Brian that New Year’s in Tucson would be pretty amazing.


  8. oh, it’s such a hazy crazy time – isn’t it? You are doing an incredible job and before she knows it, your little girl will have her best friend toddling around after her with adoring eyes. Beautiful photos!

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    • It truly is crazy and hazy! I wish I could remember my other three in their newborn days more, but I truly cannot–where do those memories go? Thank you for your encouraging comments! xx


  9. Your sweet baby boy! So gorgeous, he makes me feel so so broody. Gah! Loving the baby knits (did I mention I’m broody?!!) but also loving the idea of a bird visitor record. Just started up a bird table and i love watching the comings and goings. Take care mama nd relish these early days with your glorious Harmon Tania ~hedgerowharvest.com~

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    • Ha ha, when I read a couple days ago that Ginny from Small Things was pregnant again…it made ME broody! Lol, and we’re totally DONE having kids! Something about the anticipation of a new life, a fresh new little person…makes a girl all hormonal! Glad to hear others share our love of birds! Sometimes I wonder if I’m boring people who read my blog by writing about birds so much…


  10. Ah sweet days! I assume you have tried cutting out dairy, and squirting breastmilk on his face? I did cloth and wool with my boys, and also EC. Enjoy yourself x


    • Oh, yes, I always preemptively cut dairy now with a newborn as my second baby suffered from colic like nobody’s business & I think that was a big part of it. We have been putting BM on his face, too, yes. Great suggestions! His face is much MUCH better today. Still very red and dry, but the swelling is all gone, thankfully.

      I love using cloth/wool. Putting all those diapers in a landfill is just something I can’t do anymore. I’ve been to our local dump & it is a tragically sad place. I literally felt like crying the last time I was there…I was also pregnant which probably had something to do with it, but a dump is no place to feel good about the human race. Thanks for visiting the blog!


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