Fourth Little Iowan!

He’s here!  Hooray!  I apologize for being over a month late with the announcement (& for basically being MIA on the blog for months).  

Harmon Hunter Bodeker became our fourth little Iowan on December 1, 2015 just before 10AM.  He weighed 6lbs 9oz and was just under 20in long.  Our little peanut!  He’s still quite small–we think just under or over 8 lbs today using Brian’s work scale.  We named him after my father’s father, Harmon McAllister, who passed away when my father was still in his teens. ~ ~ ~

Harmon (our Harmon) is a very serious little guy–his one month photos are proof of that!  Still no purposeful smiles yet, but he started cooing when I talk to him this past week.  He also began tracking where I move (& where my voice moves) this week.  He’s been experiencing a lot of tummy upset since he was born…lots of gas…lots of cat naps abruptly ended by gas pains.  We started him in cloth diapers with wool covers between 2 and 3 weeks.  He’s just so small even our newborn diapers weren’t working for a couple weeks.  We go through a lot of diapers around here…Harmon poos A LOT…epic amounts.  All night long, too.  We cosleep, but we’re still not getting much sleep yet.



IMG_1365IMG_1366IMG_1368Harmon broke out in baby acne around Week 3 & it has only gotten worse.  Covers his scalp, all over his face & neck, and down his chest.  Today it all seemed to turn to a scaly crust & looks painful.  I know it isn’t, but it just looks so awful.

IMG_1216Brown hair!  And it’s still brown!  June was born with very dark hair, almost black, but it turned blonde rather quickly.  Coralee & Merritt were bald & white-blonde (respectively).IMG_1083IMG_1081IMG_0941IMG_0943 (2)IMG_0942


Rebourne (etsy) harem longies.


Tummy soothing on the dryer.


Newborn Vertebrae knit in Quince & Co Chickadee; Yooki wool leggings.


~ Birth Announcement ~

IMG_0880The day Harmon became our fourth little Iowan.  So glad he is here safely!



10 thoughts on “Fourth Little Iowan!

  1. He’s such a handsome little fella! And you’re right: so serious! I hope his gassy tummy gets better soon, that can’t be fun at all. 😦
    Congratulations again, to you and your sweet family! I hope you received our Christmas card! Happy New Year! Hugs ❤️

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    • Thank you, Ness! I’m hoping the older he gets, the more mature his digestive system, the less his tummy issues will be. He’s not too grumpy despite the tummy upset, seems to take it fairly well. 🙂 We did receive your card–thank you, friend! Now it’s my turn to send you some mail. xxox

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  2. Gorgeous pictures Ruby! The one picture of Harmon reminds me of faces Merritt makes…ha! Good to hear he’s 8 lbs. already! So sweet! Thanks so much for getting back into this….I appreciate it now that I’m in Tucson. Makes me feel like I’m there. Love you all – Nana/Mom

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    • Thank you! Coralee found some old photo albums yesterday from when her and Merritt were babies/toddlers and there are several photos of her that look EXACTLY like June and several of Merritt as a newborn that look EXACTLY like Harmon. Brian commented the other day that it’s like we’re living our life from a decade ago over again…we’re just older and more tired! Hope it’s warm down there for you! Miss ya!


  3. A million congratulations and your perfect little boy! He sounds a lot like my Aldo as a baby – so very serious! My boy was a month early and about the same size, it took him 6 weeks or so to really start packing on the pounds. That first month he looked like a sharpei – all extra skin and not enough baby fat to fill it out!

    I’ve been thinking about you the past couple months and hoping for his safe arrival – I’m so glad that all is well!

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    • I’m starting to wonder if he will ever smile he’s so serious all the time! Good to know others have been in this boat…do you recall when Aldo began smiling for you? Merritt was really skinny, too, but not like this…by this point he had baby fat building…Harmon is definitely a different baby for me after three of mostly the same. Thank you for the warm wishes on his birth, Sarah! xx


      • I want to say Aldo didn’t really crack a grin until 3months or so but I’m not sure. It was late and my mom was always asking if he was ok (not helpful!!!). The kid has a great sense of humor and is really happy, but he *still*can’t smile a normal smile on demand! lol! My kids could not have been more different, so rest assured that I’ve been right where you are. Aldo hit the other milestones (teeth, walking, etc) right on time, but my daughter took forever to get teeth and I swear she was practically bald until almost 2. and she laughed and smiled and gurgled from day one. Enjoy that little guy (and your 3 other beautiful kids! I bet June is at a fun age to “help”)!

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  4. Not helpful at all! Ha! But I actually keep secretly asking myself that same question about Harmon…I am a horrible worrywart! Coralee was bald, too, until she was almost 2, but Coralee is my Aldo…she is a VERY serious person. Too bad I can’t remember what her temperament was like as a baby at all. My brain has crapped out, apparently. And, yes, June is definitely a big help! She likes to push him around the house in his rocking bassinet while I’m making lunch or dinner. I really don’t know how I did any of this when Coralee/Merritt were newborns and no extra help! I was much younger then…I’m old now! 😉


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