Yarn Along {snippets & a chick pic!}

I’ve only had time to read snippets of most of these books in the past week. And my knitting on June’s Bitty Breezy has amounted to even less than a snippet–a snip? Like one row, maybe two. I ordered a few skeins of Quince & Co yarn several months ago when my pregnancy was confirmed–all in the Frost (gender-neutral) colorway. Hoping to start something for this baby soon…still having a really hard time getting my hands to want to knit anything.

Blue on Blue by Dianne White is a lovely book. June has asked me to read it to her everyday. The words flow much like the illustrations. A small family farming beside the sea in what I perceived to be Maine. I picked it up at the library without flipping through it, thinking it was about the prairie. I wasn’t too far off–the prairie rolls so much like the sea.

Soul Gardening is always enjoyable.  It’s like a Motherhood hug.

A Chicken Followed Me Home! was also picked up for June, but all of my kids have enjoyed reading it as they prepare for Fair this week.  No chickens being shown due to the bird flu outbreak, but Coralee & Merritt will both partake in the “Poultry Quiz Bowl” that is being substituted for the Poultry Show on Friday morning.  The book is very informative (& accurate).  Each page contains not only the story (a Rhode Island Red hen followed you home!), but also a set of facts pertaining to an aspect of chicken care.

Darwin’s Armada by Iain McCalman because I am obsessed with Darwin & have been for over a decade.  Homeschooling Coralee has only furthered my interest.  I have literally only read three pages of it, so I can’t really give a thumbs up or down at this point.  The book begins with a very detailed description of Charles Darwin’s death & funeral preparations.  It’s quite fascinating only several pages in to be sure.

What to Knit When You’re Expecting: I NEVER check out knitting books anymore…Ravelry, with it’s insane amount of free knitting patterns, has basically made this pastime obsolete for me.  This book caught my eye from the display shelf at the library last week & most of the patterns really are quite enchanting.  I hope to knit something with my Frost Quince from this book soon.

IMG_5195[1]And look at The Real Frost!!!  She’s grown so big!  June calls her “the big chick.”  She peeps like crazy.  I love her feathered feet.  We are almost 100% certain she is a Belgian Bearded d’Uccle (bantam) in the Porcelain color.  Fingers crossed “she” really is a she!

Joining in with Ginny.



5 thoughts on “Yarn Along {snippets & a chick pic!}

  1. Pretty chick!!! Truly!!! And good luck to your kiddos at the fair – hope the weather cooperates, and it’s not too hot…..always hot at the fair! Just an FYI Ruby – lots of apples on my tree – they are ALL yours!
    Hugs, Mom & Nana


  2. I wish they had What to Knit When You’re Expecting years ago when I was pregnant. Now that I think of it, I wasn’t knitting much when I was pregnant. Hope you find some fun knits. That chick is precious!


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