Yarn Along {with chick}


I’ve made it to the bottom ribbing on June’s Bitty Breezy.  We have chicks now–three in all.  This is Frost (Coralee’s chick) hanging out on our dining room table with me (& Coralee) this morning.  (We moved the chicks to their garage digs last night so cute photo-ops in the house are less frequent now.). Her Porcelain coloring is getting prettier each day & more feathers are coming in.  My older kids have become a bit obsessed with Tintin comics lately.  I was reserving said books at the library for them online and the search function also produced this book by newcomer Hannah Tinti.  It has amazing reviews, so I checked it out, too.  Hopefully I can start it this week.

Joining in with Ginny.


10 thoughts on “Yarn Along {with chick}

    • I read it in a day! I am just HORRIBLE at reading novels….I am an incredibly impatient person and want to know yesterday what happens next, so I read-read-read for a day or two & finish books in lightning speed and then I’m so upset the odyssey is over as I sit with nothing to read! Lol. A ridiculous dance I do. I really enjoyed the book. It’s awesome we have that in common now. X

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  1. My kids LOVE Tin-Tin, too! Our library doesn’t have a ton so we own a few. I’m glad to see you’re getting some reading in! I think I have started four books this year and finished zero. 😦 Must improve that!

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    • They are onto the 4th comic collection now. So funny how our boys really REALLY seem to have so much in common. Merritt’s all-time favorite show is River Monsters, but right now he is obsessed with Battlebots (I think that’s the name of it?) He NEEDS to email your boy back like 80 years ago. I will try to get him working on that!


      • Ooh! I will have to check out Battlebots for Aldo! Odds are he’ll love it – lol! We’ve been spending the summer fishing thanks largely in part to River Monsters – even caught our first largemouth bass over the weekend! You’ve had a lot going on, so I totally understand. Whenever he gets around to it, we’re cool with it!

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    • Thank you, Lucy! It has a ribbed band that needs to be picked up from the bottom to the neck and back down….picking up stitches always takes me forever, probably because I procrastinate doing so! [currently doing this right now, lol]


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