Yarn Along {it’s been awhile}

IMG_4792[1]I haven’t been knitting much at all since I found out I was pregnant.  At the start of my pregnancies I usually end up with a severe aversion to knitting and handling wool for some reason.  This time was no different.  I recently got the urge to pick up this Bitty Breezy I started knitting for June in Quince & Co Sparrow (Truffle) ages ago.  It would be nice if she could wear it this summer as it’s made with one of the best linens around & in my world summer=linen.  I’ve knit about 10 rows on it since the weekend, but I still can’t quite get back in the knitting groove yet it seems.



Coralee–second from left; Merritt–front row in blue fedora; Brian–center back in straw fedora

I started reading a couple books to prepare for Coralee’s 8th grade homeschooling curriculum at the beginning of June, but kind of slacked off shortly thereafter because, well, it’s summer–plain & simple!  This week the latest issue of the American Birding Association‘s Birder’s Guide arrived in our mailbox & to our delight our older kids are both in it! Coralee & Merritt are members of Iowa Young Birders which is featured in the article. Similar to the National Audubon Society and the American Ornithologists Union; however, the ABA seems to cater more to the needs of the everyday birder. I have learned a lot about the actual act of birding–such as which gear is worth spending money on, how to track down specific birds, where to bird, etc–from the ABA’s magazine than from the other two organization’s publications. The leader of Iowa Young Birders, Carl Bendorf, is also one of the ABA’s Directors & HE IS AWESOME. I have never had so much fun birding as I have tagging along with Coralee & Merritt on birding trips with Carl. He’s just a really cool guy who relates insanely well to children.  He doesn’t pretend to know everything (but he probably does!) and always seems as enthusiastic to find & point out a common Downy Woodpecker as he does a rare avian visitor to the state. He wrote the article on Iowa Young Birders in the May issue. He certainly does Iowa and Iowa birding proud! (And as a sidenote, we’re quite sad here at Being Bodeker that Carl will soon be moving out-of-state. He truly has been my kids’ spark person into the world of birding.)

Joining in with Ginny.


12 thoughts on “Yarn Along {it’s been awhile}

  1. Nice blog today Ruby! I will comment on the other one when I have time. Knit knit knit!!! You won’t have much time when the new little Iowan comes along….keep gardening too! AND my apple tree is hanging full of little apples – lots of applesauce for you to enjoy this fall!
    Love Mom


    • Me, too. I also feel a bit odd sometimes whipping out a big old wool sweater to knit on when everyone around me is fanning themselves with paper & sweating (kids’ soccer games come to mind). Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I can’t deal with large amounts of wool in the summer time either. And if I was pregnant? Oh hell no! That yarn does look nice. I’m anxious to see how it turns out. I am patient – take as much time as you need!

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  5. I would like to get my son a membership/subscription to the ABA so he can receive the Birder’s Guide. He loves birds and ornithology and we call him our local bird man. Could you tell me how you receive this? I couldn’t find a way to subscribe to the magazine on their website, and didn’t know which membership might be required for it. Thank you!


    • Hello. What a wonderful gift for your son! My daughter absolutely loves her subscription. She also really enjoys the blog for young birders ‘The Eyrie’ found here: http://youngbirders.aba.org/ In reference to your question about membership, as part of our general membership with the ABA, we get the quarterly-published (roughly, sometimes only 3X/yr) Birder’s Guide edition of the magazine, too. Here is a direct link to ABA membership in the US: https://www2.aba.org/join I hope your son enjoys his membership. Thanks for visiting the blog & good fall birding to your son!


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