Haphazard Rundown in (a lucky) 13 Photos

I have been away much too long from the blog.  I have missed posting & also reading the blogs of others that I follow.  I hope to remedy this severe drought in the days to come.

My eldest, Coralee, turned 13 years old last week!  As all parents say–time gives me whiplash.IMG_4680[1]

We’ve been fortunate to harvest our best crop yet of strawberries this year–four large bowls (like the one below) of strawberries total!  The crop seems to have petered out now, but will more than likely resurge in the fall with some very tiny, but tasty berries.  Someone told me they think my berries are a type of cultivar that bears fruit all season.



We made strawberry shortcake for Coralee’s birthday cake!IMG_4686[1]

Last weekend our family (along with my dad) visited the Yellow River State Forest in NE Iowa as part of an Iowa Young Birders trip to locate Cerulean Warblers.  The group was successful and found a nesting pair!  Brian, my dad, & Coralee attended the trip–it was an “advanced” trip meant for birders 12+–while myself & the little ones drove up later in the day.IMG_4667[1]


Merritt fished for trout in some of our favorite spots.IMG_4684[1]

June picked flowers for her mama & went birding herself.  She heard a lot of catbirds.

IMG_4682[1] IMG_4683[1]

We have two tabletop incubators whirring in our dining room right now.  Fourteen bantam eggs of various breeds should start hatching in a week’s time.  The kids are incredibly excited.  Due to the bird flu epidemic in Iowa (& surrounding states) all bird shows have been cancelled in Iowa until 2016…my kids were to bring poultry to the county fair this year…big bummer when they found out they would have no livestock in the fair.  They seem to have gotten over the disappointment since the eggs arrived in the post two weeks ago.  Can’t wait to share chick pics!Tabletop incubator

Our bluebird box has experienced quite a revolving door of bird species.  A pair of bluebirds first took up residence & laid eggs, but something destroyed the nest.  A House Wren then attempted to build a nest.  We discouraged her & removed her twigs several times…eventually she just laid her eggs in the bluebird nest at the bottom.  Then something evicted her.  Now it appears a robin has moved in & laid five handsome eggs.IMG_4677[1]

Merritt passed Level 5 in swimming this morning.  He was so proud!  His instructed totally BUTCHERED both his first and last name on the card.  Oh, well, we are quite used to that around here.  Even my last boss couldn’t pronounce my last name correctly after four years of employment.


Lastly, photo no.13–the AME Church in Charleston hosting Martin Luther King, Jr. years ago.  I was deeply affected by the tragedy in Charleston this week.  If you’re interested in donating to the church & its mission, here is a link to their homepage.  A paypal donation button can be found on right side of the page.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston.

I have some exciting(?) news to share next week on the blog that will hopefully explain my unintended absence.  

Until then, I hope to connect with you all again soon!


4 thoughts on “Haphazard Rundown in (a lucky) 13 Photos

  1. I’ve missed your blog so much, but didn’t want to say anything because I know how busy you are. Our strawberries have been good this year as well, to my surprise. Our bluebirds and their boxes too have had a strange year. Racoons raiding them, eggs being laid and then strangely disappearing, and 5 fledglings in a box that we never saw parents ever go to. Loved the pics!!!! Hope to see you soon!

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    • I still am not sure what species we have in our box. There seem to be robins all over that area of the property but Coralee insists she saw a bluebird exit the box last weekend. Since then we’ve seen no adult activity of any kind. A strange year for both of our boxes indeed! I hope your eagle nests have been successful? We’ve observed a chick at both our active nests–so exciting! I am so sorry our meet-up in Yellow River didn’t work out. Looking forward to fall! And thank you so much, Bernice, for missing my blog posts–so sweet of you to say! Writing the posts is worth it just to connect with you. πŸ™‚


  2. OMG Merritt is edible with that hair! And Coralee is 13?!?! What the. June we have those same cute flowers, she’s a little button. I’m going to sit right here and catch up Roo. I have been away and missing your humor and writing and images. All of it. XO

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  3. Tell me the secret to a good and bountiful crop of blueberries! We seem to never be able to grow more than a handful, all season!

    A. Rey happy birthday to Coralee and a big congratulations to Merritt! June is absolutely delicious and growing much too quickly! Kisses for all!!!


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