Wash Away Winter, wash away






Always carry a big stick.

Always carry a big stick.






“There’s lots of creeks in our yard,” June told me Sunday afternoon as we took a hike.

Snowmelt is filling Prairie Creek & rushing fast across the western slope out front.

June’s ski trail has given up, only weak prints whisper in the slushy snow now.

An icy tide pool has appeared along the southern field edge.  Perfect for exploring & getting your mittens sopping.

Winter is washing away & I can feel spring hovering nearby.

Sometimes it’s fun to put on a pair of galoshes & explore the puddles & pools as a child would…especially if you take a child along on your trek & let it be.  Let it be, Ruby.  I think I need to be told that more.

The melt water is cold, so cold, shocking when you dip your fingers in it.

I waded too deep & some got in my boots.  June said it was ok.

I totally believed her.


Has winter begun to wash away where you are?


9 thoughts on “Wash Away Winter, wash away

  1. I love this post. the writing makes me want to see your runoff. Aldo Leopold calls this phenomenon a freshet. Your photos are almost as good as being there. June is a wise 3-going-on-4-year old. We should all listen to her. Daddy

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    • Thank you for the Leopold tidbit! I feel like renaming this post Spring Freshet now….it seems like all small children are wise beyond their years, or perhaps children are the wise ones & we need to take more cues from them. Thanks for stopping by the blog & for your amazing comment, Dad–I know how much you detest snow & most things winter. Very excited to see you in less than a month!


  2. Such lovely springishwintry images. It looks crisp with blue skies and the white, love the dots of reds and yellows of Junes hat and the chickens comb- so pretty. And you…beautiful you Ruby, glad to see you here…your name fits you perfectly 🙂
    June is wise for her age I think!

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  3. Beautifully said, Ruby. Thank goodness we have our children to remind us of what we most need to remember 🙂 Love all these warm colours in your photos – spring is painting your landscape, how encouraging! XO

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    • An encouraging landscape, yes, so well put, Leigh. I hope you find more & more signs of spring in your neck of the woods soon, too. Thank you, as always, for visiting the blog! xx


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