I went out for what I believe to be one final nordic ski this winter (temps are forecast to rIsE substantially soon)…the skies in Iowa looked like this…

The clouds were moving from west to east at such a swift pace, the sky felt like it was sucking me up & beyond…

The trail out back of our house looks like this…

There’s a hard icy crust on top of the 4-5inch base. The trail was fast, slick, possibly a bit too exciting.

With the wind at my back, I thoroughly enjoyed the ski from trailhead to back fence.  Once I crested the hill at the back 40 & turned around to face the field, the wind smacked me hard.  My throat was already burning from the combination of exertion and cutting raw air, now any exposed skin ached.  I scrunched down in the skis and pushed hard & fast with my calves in order to get the return ski over with & out of the exposure.  At one point I was struck with a fierce headache across my forehead.  The wind was piercing and dense, no escape in the open field even beside the woods.


In the yard I found Pepper enjoying the warm rays out of the wind & keeping an eye on the House Sparrow colony that lives in our bridal wreath bushes.

Gathered up my gear & wondered if that was my final run this season…

Slicing across the last of winter’s snow, enjoying the pause that is these cold months, anticipating what lies ahead, but wanting to linger in this interlude.

Soon it will be spring.


6 thoughts on “Linger

  1. The last time my nordic skiing got possibly too exciting I ended up looking like a giant six-foot snowball 😉 Didn’t help that I was wearing a wool sweater so that the snow stuck like velcro… Lovely photos, Ruby – just look at that blue sky! XO

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  2. Felt like I was right there with you…too bad we live so far apart I would love to go skiing with you! Such beautiful blue skies and crisp winter scenes. Are you happy that spring is coming? I think I am – it hasn’t snowed much lately so I feel as I have one foot in the hopes that winter will return and one foot in ” where the heck is spring”?
    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sun 😉

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    • I feel EXACTLY the same, Camilla. I really do love winter, but this winter was so incredibly cold (and the snow so sparse), I think I’m just ready to make the leap to spring. I would totally go skiing with you, that would be so much fun. Hope your weekend was awesome! xx


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