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Northern Flicker, Yellow-shafted male

Northern Flicker, Yellow-shafted male

A dear friend of mine who moved away a couple years ago to NE Iowa (one of my favorite places!) sent Coralee & I a pair of Lenticular Mitts.  The package arrived over the weekend & the mitts fit both of us perfectly…so there has been a friendly tug-of-war going on here over who gets to wear the mitts & when. 🙂  Coralee has been wearing the set every day, all day in the house.  The windchill this morning is registering at -20’F.  Even with a fire, our house is cold.  Thank you so much, my dear friend, for this lovely gift!  It is truly tragic that we did not realize our shared love of fiber (& birds & steel-cut oats) until after you moved away!  I’m sure our friendship sprung up anyway because of fiber love–knitting minds just think alike. xx

I continue to stitch away on my pattern for Mountain Girl Yarns.  Watching the colors of Sierra Madre knit up in the round is fascinating.  So many different color brews, but each seems to compliment the whole perfectly.  How do dyers do it? Another treasured friend in fiber across the miles.

Not reading anything new at the moment.  We saw our first Northern Flicker at the yard feeders yesterday afternoon.  It is a very common woodpecker here in Iowa & there is a large population living in a stand of hickory trees about 300 yards west of our house, but they seldom visit our feeders.  They often fly across the drive in front of my car as I’m coming up the hill.  I catch a flashing glimpse of the brilliant gold-yellow underside to their wings.  Such an intricately-patterned bird.  I like to think that both of my friends mentioned in this post would appreciate a Northern Flicker sighting as much as I.

Joining in with Ginny.


20 thoughts on “friends in fiber {yarn along}

    • It is a great pair of mitts, yes! One of the greatest gifts (in my opinion) for a knitter is something handknit by a fellow knitter-friend. Only a knitter truly understands the time/effort even a simple handknit piece requires. 🙂


    • Me, too! Camilla’s yarns are only getting better and better! The latest colorways are truly magnificent. I am definitely inspired.

      I hope it is warm where you are–I wouldn’t wish this cold on anyone but a penguin.


    • I am quickly becoming a Mountain Girl Yarn-aholic. I don’t want to knit with anything else. Hopefully I will have the patterned ironed out by spring….it’s so crazy cold here, however, spring seems like a lifetime away!


  1. Wow, what a LOVELY gift you received, Rubes! Wish I had those too! They are beautiful! Let Coralee wear them – she gets cold up in the loft! Miss u guys – and Happy Valentine’s Day! Love, Nana & Mom


  2. What an amazing gift – they are so pretty, Ruby, I can see why you are having a tug-of-war over them. Your progress is looking so wonderful too! I like how your stitch pattern makes Camilla’s yarn sparkle. xo

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  3. Ruby, I am so happy you and Coralee like them! I agree, knitters love knitted gifts. As we travel around, I am “collecting” new yarn shops. I stopped at Yarn Soup in Dubuque on Friday. The best little shop! Yarnology in Winona, MN is fantastic as well and a new discovery for me. I will add them to my favorites of Ewetopia in Viroqua and The Blue Heron in Decorah.

    Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2015 12:48:21 +0000 To:

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    • Thank you again so much, Bernice! Coralee wore them in the car today on a birding trip to northern Iowa…to see a Snowy Owl! We’ve never seen on before, so it was quite a special experience for both of us. It’s like we brought you along.

      The next time we drive up to the cabin in northern WI, I am going to stop at Ewetopia. I LOVE Viroqua, but we hardly ever stop. That’s got to change. Thanks for the LYS tips!


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