Baby Jesus is Saved from a T-rex Attack

I am quite certain it’s a sign the holiday decorations have been up much much too long when your three-year-old turns the manger scene into a dog-pile because a certain toy T-rex tried to attack the Baby Jesus & the three Wise Men stepped in to handle the situation! In my own defense, however, this is one of the last decorations left up in my house–the rest were put away shortly after New Year’s Day.  When I asked June about this “T-rex in the Manger” scene, she laughed uproariously & promptly ran away from me…I think it’s awesome when kids reach an age at which the deranged clever things they do tickle their own funny bones. 🙂



This photo is just because…our view on the drive into town this morning. The moon was absolutely showing off.


3 thoughts on “Baby Jesus is Saved from a T-rex Attack

    • I knew you would like that driveway pic! It’s just too bad the skies were cloudy the night of our “full moon snowshoe” this week. It would have been incredible with all that white snow!


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