Fledgling Featherweight/Flashlight {yarn along}


I’ve been reserving books at the library as of late based on NPR’s ‘Best of 2014’ list. Flashlight by Lizi Boyd had this review from NPR:

Put this book into the hands of the right reader and you may never get it back. Lizi Boyd takes a simple idea — a little boy exploring a dark wood with the spare illumination of a flashlight — and creates a completely engrossing, wordless story. Her intricate illustrations brim with the kind of details that demand to be revisited again and again, from gradually introduced woodland creatures to tiny cutouts on each page that bring elements from one drawing forward into the next. (For ages 2 to 6)

It is truly an enchanting, wordless book.  Another illustrator of which I feel a need to seek out all her books. June (age 3.75) loves it. We went for a late evening walk with our headlamps Sunday evening (following the devastating Packers loss, *sigh*) & she was immensely interested in what she could locate with her flashlight in the deep black.

I finished June’s Christmas sweater a couple weeks ago. It is a Knitbot pattern. I knit the size 4 & it’s proven a bit too wide in the shoulders for her, but it’s beautiful anyway & still functional as she grows into it. I used Camilla’s luxuriously soft Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend, about 2/3 of a skein, perhaps even a bit less. I washed & dried (I know, yikes, but on low) the featherweight cardigan in my machines & it bloomed amazingly. I love the colors in this skein (Rich Raisin). June calls it her Rainbow Sweater. It is definitely a rich palette.

Joining in with Ginny.


6 thoughts on “Fledgling Featherweight/Flashlight {yarn along}

  1. Oh June bug…I do have a soft spot for that little girl, can just picture her in the wild with a head lamp…great idea Mom! Sweater looks lovely on her..(.and so the shoes he.he) Sounds like a good book, unfortunately Fog horn is 9.35 so he’ll think he is waaaay to old. Beautiful night image too.

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    • Lol, she did not want to take part in this “photo shoot” & only agreed once I relented and let her wear the shoes she picked…mine! I bet your 9.35 year old would still like the book! My 9.8yo enjoyed it! And lol at myself typing 3.75…I should have just wrote “almost 4” but I’m in denial that she is almost such a big girl!!! The passage of time just hurts so much sometimes…. xx


  2. You did it!!! One sweater down (test run maybe?)at least one more to go! That yarn is PERFECT for that pattern and looks so sweet on your June (3.75). Reading your comment above – it hits us hard as our youngest grow up, we want to squeeze every last moment of 3 (or in my case 4). Thank you for your comment today, Ruby, loved it 🙂 xoxo

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    • I am really having a hard time with June growing up…it is hitting me harder than I thought it would! Maybe because it means I’m getting older, too? With my other two kids, I was still in my 20s when they started school…I still felt “young”…now I feel like time is just running through my hands at an epic pace. It’s good to find others who are experiencing these same feelings, makes it easier to manage. xx

      The sweater did turn out nice! Thank you! Sadly, I put a hole in it while shaving it–I nearly died!!! But I darned it up and the nature of the color interactions basically camouflages it. Brilliant color!


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