Where everybody knows your name {well, not exactly}


This past Saturday morning was spent along the Mississippi River birding with Iowa Young Birders. It was a warm day for January (mid-40s’ F), but the air near the river was windy & rather biting. We saw countless Bald Eagles {soaring, fighting over fish, playing midair, rough-housing}, & even more Ring-billed Gulls & Herring Gulls. We also added a species to our Life Lists–an adult Thayer’s Gull. It proved extremely difficult to locate the single individual among the hoard of gulls.  Thirty minutes of binoculars tag in the River’s wind was worth it in the end when both Coralee & I managed to home in on the vagrant bird’s pale tan hood.

On our return drive west across Iowa, we stopped off at one of my favorite places to grab a burger, drink a beer, & just relax–Baxa’s Sutfliff Store & Tavern nestled on the Cedar River. I’ve blogged about this place previously. We walked on the historic bridge following our meal. I would like to ski across the bridge someday…someday when there’s snow would be ideal. Ha! We do not live close enough to Sutliff nor visit enough for the bartender to know our names, but it sure is a place where we feel comfortable.

Do you have a similar place local to you “where everybody knows your name”?  Or a place where you at least like to pretend they do? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Where everybody knows your name {well, not exactly}

  1. Ruby,
    Nice post. I enjoyed Sutliff’s the time you took me there. I had such a place, “where they knew my name,” once upon a time, Shady Grove.
    There’s an almost in Catalina, AZ. I took you there last year and will again this year–Mi Tierra.
    I’d like to see a Thayer’s gull. Birding is slow now in the Catalinas. Will pick up to its usual warp speed soon.



    • Ah, Shady Grove was such a great place. Really sad how that went south on us. I cannot wait to eat at Mi Tierra again, I so love Mexican food, especially authentic. Coralee & I are extremely excited about birding in AZ this spring. We’ve got to hit it hard. Thanks for stopping by the blog, Dad.


  2. A bald eagle sighting? Lucky!!! I haven’t seen one in the wild for a few years – such amazing creatures. I once “met” one in a bird hospital, I was so close, looking gin to its eyes was a moment I’ll never, ever forget.

    LIving in a small town, its hard for anyone NOT to know your name (especially when you travel with a small herd of boys) however I’m most happy for people to know my name at my local coffee shop and bookstore, not to mention the library:) I’m off now to look up a Thayer’s Gull in my guide… xoxo

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    • Seeing a Bald Eagle up close is an amazing experience, yes! One of the nature centers where we volunteer has a permanently injured Bald Eagle (car collision) and being so close is incredible. I feel sad for him that he won’t ever soar the skies again, but he helps to educate the public in so many ways.

      Lol, I would love to run into you & your herd of boys in my small town! I bet my son would have a lot of fun…he is surrounded by girls & I know it bugs him. 😉


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